Thursday, January 24, 2008


My daughter, son-in-law and son - plus my game night group - pulled one over on me!! They gave me a surprise birthday party last my house, no less! LK had me over for dinner with J & R, then I was taken - blindfolded - to my house where I was told, my gift was in the back yard - and another in the house. When they lead me to the door and told me to step up, I was confused because there is no step in my garage. Little did I know they took me in the patio door...and when I took off the blindfold, there were about 30 people there to surprise me! I was stunned! Then a tiara and two sashes were bestowed upon me...yes, two that said "Queen" in glitter, and one that said "Fabulous at 50" in gold letters. Then came the blinking button for me to wear on my sweater...and all the wonderful cards, hugs and gifts, to remind me of my birthday...! The game night group wrote several songs for me...that told stories about my the tune of "Gilligan's Island", "Friends" and "The Adams Family"...hilarious!! Nate was missing...but little did I know he was in the bedroom, working on a DVD file to show everyone that included pictures from childhood funny!! By the time A, KK and K finished singing, the cake was lit and sliced, then out came the DVD. LK & R were 'freaked out' to see how much they looked like me when I was younger...and believe me, there were pics from most every 'stage' of life!! The theme of the party was 'Hollywood'...and I received an "Oscar" from LK..and a 'star' for the "Hollywood Walk of Fame"...the cake had a 'film' theme...and KK outdid herself. The little number on the top played a sad version of "Happy Birthday", then the group sang to me in the traditional SPLC Choir version of the birthday song...perfect! Lots of choir members were there, along with my parents, one of my sisters, dear friends from the old days at Sears...friends from work...and many more. Two nieces, a nephew and special friend from church made the party fun, too...and from what N & K tell me, they were most helpful. So many nice gifts...too many to mention...but LK, J & R outdid themselves with the planning...and getting me a new vacuum! Such cute decorations with a movie theme...and a pinata too...and sneaky LK...inviting all these people and not letting it slip at all! The house got really warm - even though it was SOOO cold we opened the doors. I laughed so much my mouth hurt...and boy was I thirsty! Several books on the "Big 5-Oh" to read...and laugh some more. The DVD video was so cute...and embarrassing...but what can you expect??? My best friend from high school was there...and brought me stuff to induct me into the 'red hat society'...and a bottle of "Crab-er-net Sauvignion" wine...complete with my picture...(a YOUNG one!)...and aged for 50 appropriate. Gee, I need to sort everything out to write Thank You notes! The game night group stayed around to play a game til about 11 - fun writing headlines with cards - I think it was called "Man Bites Dog". I was so hyper I couldn't get to sleep til probably midnight...then was bright-eyed at 5AM - don't you just HATE that?!?!?!?! When you can sleep a little longer, and you wake up???

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Gee, where has this month gone - and yes, I know its not quite the 31st...but looking forward to payday makes me think the month is over.

And with payday comes the bills...nothing like a little water leak in the yard to make that paycheck disappear a little more quickly....and how about that credit card bill I thought I took care of for two months....NOT! Yipes! I got more month to go and less pay to do it with!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

For Fiction 55 Friday...even though its just Thursday afternoon!

She licked her lips repeatedly. Was she just nervous or just anticipating total dryness on contact? Just as she thought…dry, bitter, and somewhat sharp. She tried again, holding her head at a tilt and her elbows bent in attempt to obtain improved results. Her wet tongue slipped slowly along the side. Oh those damned envelopes!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

To Wordy - on Fictional 55 Friday

Thank you much my wordy friend
For your Friday offering of rhyme
With admiration I look ahead
To your site’s new “look” sublime.

I enjoy the Friday challenge, though
And join you in fictional prose
To succinctly tell a quirky story
You know you’ve read some of those!

I’ll have to stop now. No more words…

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year

Kicking off the new year - a new year for blogging - and reading other people's blogs!! Lets see, howsabout a recap of last year's stuff:
In no particular order:
* anxiety over threat of job loss - twice
* heart stomped on - my fault for thinking?
* still thinking
* lots and lots of laughs with game night group
* family drama
* work drama
* drama for drama's sake
* great, supportive friends & family
* c-pap to help sleep - still no extra energy
* dreams and nightmares still rampant
* fiction 55 fridays - fun!
* wishful thinking