Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Nice?

I bet you are! Check out the link on the left - a really cool idea - Operation Nice.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebration City!

Since my last's what has been happening:

I celebrated my birthday for what seems like a month which was very nice! KK cooked dinner and we had a game nite - lots of fun with the girls and boys. Sweet gifts included a new fluffy soft robe and slipper socks; a Yankee candle; a cool distraction for my desktop with shifting green sand; a cookbook; some note paper and a mini album made from "poo-paper" (elephant dung!). Leave it to K to find something like that!

Mom took me shopping the next day and spoiled me with a new purse (pocket-book) and wallet, plus a couple of other goodies - from my sister B. On my actual birthday, Ryan brought me a bunch of daisies - my favorite! They last so long!! At work we celebrated my co-workers birthdays from the 22nd, 24th and mine on the 25th. So many nice phone calls and e-mails made for a great birthday. Kathy took me to dinner on Monday - and we talked non-stop. Her kids are all doing great - just leaving her with a temporary empty nest. That does free her up somewhat - to do fun things like going to dinner, though!

L & J planned to take me to dinner on Thursday, but a case of the flu delayed that for a week. L & J went to the store and stocked up on 'sickie supplies' for me - including another bunch of daisies! Sweet! I had a light case of the flu when compared to others who have suffered with it - but then R followed up with a 'touch' of pneumonia. His fever was much worse than mine, but the doctor assured us he was not contagious. He didn't want to miss school, but welcomed a couple of days off from work. We both have held on to a cough for quite a while.

The following week, L & J took me to dinner at the Cotton Patch, making it easy to stick with the low carbs for my diabetes. They gave me some oil for my lamperge in my favorite scent - "The Big Easy". My blood glucose readings have been much better - although my weight seems to have 'leveled off' - no more loss for the moment. CC and I met for dinner on Monday nite and sat and talked for 3 1/2 hours! What fun! We talked about the 'old' Sears days and the three folks that are retiring next week.

My eyes have gone from one extreme to the other - and back again! I have gone without glasses all together - then added 'readers' to be able to see the computer and read, plus wearing them at church to see the hymnal. The dollar store had the readers for a dollar a pair (go figure!) so I got a red pair and a blue pair - plus some sun glasses for driving. Yes, I could see to drive with no glasses at that point! I called the eye doctor and no appointment yet until my glucose levels have evened out a bit. Now it seems I am almost back to square one - I can see my computer fine, read fairly well - but now the distance vision is worsening AGAIN! I tried on my old glasses and they only work if I lean my head way back and look thru the bifocal part at the bottom - and that's just for seeing at a distance (e.g. - driving!!). My readers are a little 'foggy' at best...but I can read the small print with them. I have enjoyed going without glasses for the most part - but realize that will be short lived once my eyes settle down.

Last weekend I cleaned house starting Friday night, thru Saturday, and a little on Sunday. This included lemon-oiling all the wood furniture, cleaning my ceiling fan in the bedroom (yuck!) and the tile in the kitchen. I borrowed Mom's 'steam mop' - which worked great. I was glad to have the energy to clean - but still have more to do - including another ceiling fan!

L & J had another doctor appointment - and she has only gained a pound - not good! I told her I'd make a list of everything I cannot eat - and she should be able to eat that and gain!! She is finally past the early AM sickies from the night shift - thank goodness. She looks so cute in her maternity tops and jeans. I'll go to the doctor with them next month for the ultrasound - now they have decided they DO want to know what it is. So, if the baby cooperates - they'll have a general idea on how to decorate the nursery. Their friends are loaning them a crib and changing table (yahoo!) - and we are going shopping on Monday at Ikea for a little chest of drawers. She needs a rocker or glider and will be set. She and J are looking forward to baby showers planned by friends and family to stock the nursery. I have been looking on line and have a found a few cute things - but am holding off making any purchases for now.