Sunday, June 24, 2007

More about...


Lindsey was the first grand-daughter born on her Dad's side of the family, and second on mine. She was blessed to have four Godparents: Stephanie, Michael, Beth and Carrol. She charmed her Aunts & Uncles, Great Aunts & Uncles, Grandparents and cousins from day one. Aunt Millie thought she was pretty special and loved to have her visit in Irving.

As a baby she liked most any food she tried...including creamed spinach and squash. Poor baby didn't have much hair until she was a year old...and then she grew it long and usually had a ponytail.

She loved playing with her 'babies', including a 'cabbage patch kid' that her great aunt Mary Wanda made for her. She would put them down for a nap and cover them up with cloth diapers in a circle all around her in her room. Music kept her happy, as did singing those little nursery songs and Sunday school favorites.

Lindsey loved school...and playing school when she wasn't at school. Writing and drawing and reading all the time. Lindsey's teachers loved her as she was always a good student...from daycare through high school...I think she got some of that from me! Can't saw that brother Ryan appreciated that fact, though.

First 'injury' was when she fell and hit her head on a drawer pull in the kitchen on Watt Street. Shook Mom and Dad up for sure...and even left a little scar. Her first word - "ball", followed closely by "no" no surprise! It seems Lindsey's fate to continue to be 'accident prone' she has suffered with broken bones multiple times. Once, while running cross country...and I insisted it was only shin splints. Talk about putting a guilt trip on Mom. Anyway, she continues to have a least one small 'accident' a day...whether running into a wall or tripping over her own feet.

Lindsey has always been a sweet girl - even when the teenage years came around. Her heart was broken at least once (that I know of) - but she seemed to rally even then. She has always been a little shy but only until you get to know her. She can be a real cut-up, especially with her 'brudder'. They both keep me laughing.

I am a proud Mom...and now Mom-in-Law. Lindsey will always be my 'Baby Girl'. XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOO

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Dream...

Last night I dreamt that Mom owned a big old house that was running as a restaraunt. It was Victorian in style with a big front porch, some stained glass windows, high ceilings and assorted tables in different rooms for dining. She had a call from a nearby church who wanted to reserve the whole place for their ladies group and Mom accepted, though they had more members than she had tables.

She started cooking..some kind of chicken dinner..when the ladies started to arrive. They were dressed similar to Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show, with cute little hats. I started to seat them and hand out their menus, when one of the ladies complains that she doesn't want to sit at that particular table, but wants to sit with some friends at another table, but there were no extra chairs. When I explained that all the seats were taken, but that she was welcome to visit at the other table until the food arrived, she became angry and tore the menu in half.

I went into the kitchen and Mom said they'd have to do without the appetizers, cause she was in the middle of the main course and couldn't go back. I went out into the dining area and saw the lady who tore the menu sitting at another table while another guest stood by. This lady had already complained to Mom about the appetizers and fixed herself a salad while she was in the kitchen.

I went back to the kitchen to ask Mom about this lady, and picked up some glasses of tea to serve. I promptly went back to that lady and dumped a glass of iced tea on her head, then walked off. She was angry, but kept sitting there as she had no ride since she came with the group. The other ladies were laughing and having a good time. The kitchen was small and hot, but the food was a hit with the rest of the group, and they said they would be back. I was glad to see the group go.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

To Sleep...Perchance to...

DREAM? Oh yeah, I dream - in color - every night!! I usually can recall my dreams upon wakening, and then again through the day as similar situations present themselves. I'll think, where have I heard/seen that before?..and it will remind me of a dream. Funny how that works. If I go to sleep chanting "I want to dream of____", sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

I have not been sleeping deeply though, according to my doctor, as he has no other explanation for my being tired all the time. I am not rested when I wake and continue to yawn off and on during the day.

I have been for one sleep test...complete with wires on my head and other appropriate places on my drugs...and a dark, dark room where I could be watched by cameras that were watched by technicians who recorded all the machine findings. Guess test results said my sleep test was ABNORMAL! Well duh! I think I knew that already...but now I am up for another test, this time with a c-pap mask. How they are going to attach that with all the other connections I'll have should be quite an experience!! And it should make me sleep....deeper??? We'll see. Oh the watching and recording they will do.

I have a recurring nightmare about not being able to find 'the baby'...sometimes a child, sometimes an animal...who needs to be fed. I have actually walked into my children's room, looking for the baby, asking "where's the baby?", sometimes sobbing. Hmmm...hope I don't' have that dream tonite.

Other dreams...well, THOSE are ones I'd like to have more often...the kind from which I don't want to wake up....the kind I definitely remember....gee, I'm getting sleepy just daydreaming now!!

So, perhaps I'll dream...and perhaps there will be REM...but if not...guess there is always the chance for more tests!! I dream about those tests...go figure!!

Dream from last night as best I can recall:

Returning from a trip and see a tornado beginning to form over the city, Karen points out that it is near the Waco water tower. Arrive in town to see much damage, flooding, etc. Walking down the street, looking toward river, see lots of different types of shoes floating in the river, then begin to see family I know, only it is several years in the future. I see Gavin (now 4) who looks to be about 8 or 9, running around in a football uniform; I see Katie and Hannah, looking very grown up - but none of them have on shoes. Karen, Kyle, Alison, Nate and I attempt to drive across a flooded street, now a small river - Kyle is driving Karen's Expedition - we land in the water like the flume ride at 6 Flags, and make it across, only to find a very narrow road. We continue on this road and come across a building that is mostly in shambles, but people are gathered there to eat..its sort of like a restaraunt on the beach. I run into Felix from Sears who takes me into a smaller room where lots of folks are sitting and he introduces me, and I tell him I am looking for my kids. The group of us continue to look at the destruction left from the tornado and realize its not getting any better any time soon. I see Stephanie and she points to what looks like Jim's truck outside a window, explaining that he's been living in it for about a year, and that the kids don't talk to him, but when I go out a door and towards the truck, he is sitting on the bumper, his face looking very swollen, eyes barely open, eating a big slice of watermelon. We don't speak, but when I turn away, I hear Lindsey call my name. Along what seems to be a boardwalk, she comes out from underneath and asks where I've been, and that Ryan has been looking for me. Next thing I know, Laura is walking me through a busy area - with lots of people - and explaining who is where - including Jazi who is giving birth to three babies - all of whom just developed in her stomach - and are really tiny. We go into what looks like a haunted house, and I see the blind tenor - who's name I can't recall at the moment, but he sings for me and we walk around the haunted house together. In the house is a little store where you can purchase games, etc., and they are selling a mini-version of cranium for about $14. I told them it was a rip off cause I knew they could get the same thing at the dollar store for about $7.

I can only guess as to where some of these elements in the dream came from...some are more obvious to me than others. I am writing this a good 7 hours after waking up - and thats all I can recall right now.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things.....

These are a few of the things I enjoy, again in no particular order, and also, probably some things I haven't done in a while - but might like doing again soon!!:

Laughing - and laughing some more! Laughing til my stomach hurts or I cry....

Writing poetry - from serious to fun - haiku, iambic pentameter and more. I work best 'under pressure' to get one done for a special occasion. Rewriting songs is fun - for choir parties, anniversaries or birthdays

Decorating - that is 'bag' painting, sponge painting, rearranging and watching all the home improvement shows on TV such as Trading Spaces and Decorating Cents; I am good at spending other people's money on decorating, too...just ask Debbie or Laura; arts and crafts have been a favorite for a long time

Shopping - browsing in 'antique' or 'junk' stores; Kitchen stores - like Crate & Barrel stores are a favorite, as are other 'cooking' stores; resale stores are fun, too, plus the occasional garage sale.

Cooking - for my family or friends, trying a new recipe or an old 'stand by'; as the kids will attest, I don't "do" dumplings very well...but I try (or used to!!)

Games - with my 'game night group' or family. Word games like "balderdash" are a favorite, but so is chicken foot, password and scrabble; computer games are good, 'tumble bees' and solitaire; cards are not my favorite, but I like to play kings-in-the-corner...

Sunday School - teaching the little ones and sharing Bible stories. Art projects with them are always interesting. Hugs "in the hall" are priceless.

Musicals - TV, movies, high school or church - and singing along has to be an option!

Movies - at the cinema, snuggling up with someone special

People watching - wherever the opportunity presents itself, and imagining what the people are doing/saying or going is fun

Exploring - new places - or hearing someone describe a place they have visited and enjoyed in a way I can imagine myself there

Daydreaming - about a project, a person or place (this will often turn into a nap on a Sunday afternoon!!)

Planning - a party or special event, then seeing it through and watching people enjoy

Photography - either mine or someone else's work - putting them in albums and arranging with comments and quotations; memory books are lots of fun

Calligraphy - just my own style - but fun to do for others, such as wedding/party invitations or Christmas cards (I got interested when my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Aman, did some signs in her room in that style.)

Bookstores - browsing thru the stacks and stacks of books, pausing to read an excerpt or so; sitting in the comfy chairs; making special purchases for gifts

Watching Baylor Lady Bear basketball - I got hooked after starting to work at BU; though I've never been to a game, the TV version is not too bad at all

Foot Massage - I enjoy giving and receiving these!! Professional or not, always enjoyable. Pedicures are excellent and a must have for summer toes. Guess I'd have to say the same for back rubs - giving and receiving - lotion or not!

House Hunting - just for fun, seeing how new homes are built and enjoying old homes as well

Driving - on a trip or just to work - not always taking the same route - and enjoying the scenery along the way. Driving around town or in the country, looking at the stars and moon, especially on a cool evening.

Visiting - with friends or family, and lots and lots of laughter. Sharing stories, old and new, reminding ourselves of the way things used to be ...or can become

Ellipses - I enjoy....always....writing with ellipses! Something about those little dots....leaving something to the imagination or...? Business letters don't allow these nearly often enough, but emails- oh yeah!

Singing - goofy songs, goofy lyrics - "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" - and singing like no one is listening, though they might be and laughing right along with you. Teaching the kids old songs from girl scout camp - "Sipping Cider" and "Pink Pajamas" or "Ain't it Great to be Crazy" is lots of fun.

Old Movies - tear- jerkers or comedy - black and white - I love 'em all!! The holidays always bring some on TV...and they are great to add special feelings to the season.

Hugs and Kisses...and not the Hershey's kind....

Goosebumps....from the afore mentioned items...

Counting my blessings

Watching the rain...or snow...

Having a glass of wine or margarita...and relaxing

Walking hand-in-hand

Sharing a yummy a skillet brownie from El Chico



Wishes on falling stars

Phone calls...just because

Daisies...and sunflowers....

Keeping up with friends

Sending cards...or writing letters

Water gun fights with the kids

Drawing on the sidewalk

Crossword puzzles....not too hard!

Wrapping gifts in a special way...making up gift baskets

Sleeping least until 7!

Cooking Breakfast...omelets are a specialty! Breakfast for dinner-yummo!

Folding clothes...right out of the dryer...or ironing with just enough starch

A great haircut...

Watching a the fireplace...or outdoors...just staring into the flames, poking the wood around...don't arson here.