Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 came in quietly which is actually pretty nice! KJ kept me entertained for a little while as her Mommy & Daddy went to the movies. She ate dinner and put on her new froggy pjs (a little big!) and then had fun turning the Christmas tree lights off and on (yes, the tree is still up - with lights only), dancing around, sitting on her stool and 'reading' her big book of colors/abcs/numbers/shapes, and of course, riding her giraffe. YaYa read her several books - or was it one book several times - and loved the snuggling up on the couch! She just did not want to give up and go to sleep, and of course when uncle RyRy came home from work a little early, she got her second wind! She was so excited to see unkie and followed him from room to room until he headed out for a night of video gaming with friends. She settled back down just a little bit for more books and a cup of milk, refusing to stay put for any length of time - but that was ok. I have a short 'movie' on my phone of her when she was almost a year old - and she loved to watch it over and over again, giving me a big grin as if to say: "Look, its ME! Ain't I cute?"

Mommy & Daddy walked in and her little face just lit up...Daddy was missing her for sure. He had worked all day and didn't get to see her until late. She complied with his request of "shuggies" (sweet little kisses) and hugs. She had to show him the little movie once more...then she was ready to put on her jacket and go bye bye, but not before giving YaYa some sweet hugs and kisses too. Yep, I had to have my KYLIE FIX! Can't go that long without seeing her. We'll go to church tomorrow and she'll get to see her cousins and her friend Benjamin.

Lindsey & I went 'after-Christmas-bargain-hunting' at several stores yesterday and KJ was a trooper most of the time. I think she was a little tired of riding in baskets, so every once in a while I would try to let her walk. Of course her fingers wanted to touch everything! She charmed quite a few customers and clerks, and squealed with delight whenever she saw another tot and waved like crazy!

Late in the day we headed out to the Weld House for an open house. It is just beautiful! She maintained a blog and scrapbooks about the entire process (with her Mom's help) and it was amazing to see the progress. The entire family worked so hard on building this house - and furnished it so nicely with things old and new (mostly old and refurbished!) that they need to be featured in a magazine. I enjoyed reading her blog everyday - and hopefully they will have future projects to continue the story.

KJ was infatuated with their big 'ol dog "Daisy Mae" and cat "Herman", plus the stairs held her interest for a while and wore her mommy out! KJ even got down on the floor to give Daisy a hug bye-bye. So cute! KJ was fussy on the way home, but probably due to being over tired from the days activities. Bless her heart, she had tears and everything! Not even a 'nilla wafer would soothe her. Funny how a YaYa can take the fussiness more than the Momma - but Momma did chase after her more that day! :-)