Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sic 'em Bears!

The Baylor Lady Bears beat Duke and advance to the Final Four on Sunday!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has SPRUNG!

A wonderful 75 degrees .... bluebonnets lining the highways .... Easter is just around the corner .... its definitely SPRINGTIME IN TEXAS!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Strange snippets of dreams...

* I am wandering in a college dorm hallway, looking for my room, but I can't find any room numbers, and I have recently realized that I need to change clothes because my dress is too short. The dorm is coed. Unable to find my room,I hold down the hem of my dress and head to the library, where I sit down with a group of folks - who all look very familiar. They are the younger versions of current actors/actresses - like John Cusack, Demi Moore, Steve Martin and the great big guy on Harry Potter - sorry, I don't know his or his character's name. They are studying for a test and I am trying to figure out who they are or how they are connected. The next thing I know I am in a shopping mall - a version of one in our town from about 25 years ago - and I am shopping for something to wear instead of this short dress - and I keep having to pull it down along the hem. (What is it with clothes in this dream?)

* I can fly - but not everyone knows of this special power. I like to surprise people and fly from place to place much quicker than they can travel. No clothing worries in this dream - not even a cape to consider.

* Another dream - kind of hazy - but suffice to say it was of a more 'adult' theme and the details of which are not suitable for posting here. :-) P.S.: didn't have to worry about clothing in this one either....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Another memory trigger for me has to be words - or phrases - how about you? The mention of "lynn-lynn-lynn" by my youngest sister (accompanied by a goofy face) guarantees serious laughter. "Uh-Huh, Sure" is a phrase used by me and my best friend Kathy in high school - we even had shirts printed! Another high school one: "waffle?" A more recent - dare I say daily - from KeKe: "OMS" (that's OhMyShaw! - in short hand or text if you will). From the movies - and there are many - too many to mention: "Run, Forrest, Run!" ; "I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies"; "There's no place like home.."; just to name a few. Sometimes a word or phrase brings a memory back so quickly, I am smiling before I know it - looking like I am up to something I shouldn't be - but enjoying it just the same: "Well, THATS not good!" nudge nudge, wink, or "whatdyatalk? whatdyatalk?"
Sweet baby girl got another tooth while at YaYa's house last night! She was miserable until baby orajel came to the rescue. That - plus a bottle - put her in the best mood ever. What a sweetheart. It's great to be a YaYa!

Best veggie pizza to my own...has got to be Schlotzky's Deli! If you don't have one of these delis in your area, I'm sorry for making your mouth water! The bread they use for the crust - heavenly!! The veggies are diced to perfection - and when you ask for any 'extra', they kindly oblige. Even ordering at the drive thru is worth the wait for pizza perfection!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I often associate particular pieces of clothing to memories I have made while wearing about you? For example, my once favorite soft yellow pullover sweater with little embroidered flowers - always makes me think of spring. The green polo shirt that's so soft and comfy reminds me of a kiss. My favorite pair of jeans can remind me of many things - including the time I almost wet my pants from laughing so hard, or the time I took a tumble on the driveway. The striped sleeveless gauze shirt that tied in the front reminds me of being 16-17 and hanging out with my friends at the lake or in the parking lot on 'the valley'. And though not a piece of clothing, the much-loved blue blanket made by a dear neighbor for my daughter - always helps me feel better when I've got the 'yicks'. Guess there is something to 'the fabric of our lives'.

A few more "clothes" memories:

  • the peasant top & shorts I wore for junior high cheerleader try-outs
  • the flannel shirt that smelled like a campfire after a trip to Dad's dear lease
  • the baby-blue shirt, knit vest with tiny buttons, and jeans I wore on my first 'date'
  • the yellow t-shirt with a hot-dog transfer across the bust that always fit just right
  • the dark blue uniform top worn at my first job at the theatre concession stand
  • the royal blue snap-front PE outfit for junior high gym class, with white crew socks and tennis shoes
  • dotted-swiss dress with solid pinafore for Easter - made by Mom
  • knee-socks - graduating to panty hose

Friday, March 12, 2010

I had a doctor appointment scheduled for Thursday morning - a fasting appointment - yeah, not so fun - wasn't looking forward to getting needle -stuck - but before that could happen, I came down with chills and fever Wednesday nite - so its a good thing I was going to the doctor. After waiting the longest time EVER in the waiting room, I finally got back to the smaller 'waiting' room about 50 minutes beyond my appointment time, feeling yuckier and yuckier - since I couldn't take any cold/flu meds before my blood-work. Turns out I have a bacterial infection - with other test results to follow next week.

I called work to report "sick" and went home for breakfast, picking up Ryan a Mickey D's breakfast on the way. I layed on the couch and he piled on the quilts and comforters - I was freezing! I took some pain reliever and told myself I'd go pick up my prescription shortly. Ryan hung out with me watching TV for a while - what else is he going to do on spring break w/no wheels?!!? I vegged out on the couch later while he went to help a friend move.

I was awakened by a door bell and knock on my door about 6 pm by none other than our city's finest - asking if 'is this your dog?'. Why would Ryan's dog be out of the back yard? He wasn't - it was his friend's dog who was staying in our yard a few days - who jumped the fence and started terrorizing the neighborhood. According to the two officers, she 'attacked' them or 'came at them, threatening to bite' - seems they were called by the neighbors who were 'cornered on their front porch. I called the dog's name, she calmed down, and I gingerly stepped thru my front yard - barefoot - to the back yard and put her inside the gate. Oh, forgot to mention that this puppy is a pit bull! A puppy pit bull who probably got spooked by the uniforms - who returned to the yard, then to my garage at my command.

The officer asked for my ID - so into the house and grabbing my cell phone I went, frantically calling R to get home. He called the dog's owner who came right over, in tears, saying "she's never done this before". The officers explained that the citation they wrote ME would have to be paid by April 7th - and that animal control would be in touch soon. Seems they couldn't re-issue the citation in the owner's name - but maybe the city court could do so.

The owner and I planned to meet on Friday - late in the day - so as to allow more time for me to recuperate. I was not relishing the thought of getting out at all - I felt like cr*! About 9:15, R headed to work. The doorbell rang about 10 - the Animal Control Officer was there to take a look at the dog(s) - yes, he had to look at R's dog too, and make sure her shots were up to date and he is registered - which we had no clue we were supposed to do. He wrote up a report - another document for MY signature - and I said I was planning on coming to the station later today and bring the pit's owner to pay the fee. He didn't know the amount of the fee - and advised me how to provide the certificate showing the shot record for R's dog. I had 72 hours to provide this information.

After multiple texts to R at work - I got in contact with the vet who told me that the shots were NOT up to date - so - guess who got to take the dog to the vet @ 2:15? Me! Oh hooray! I am not feeling well and get to coax and finally lift a 32.3 pound dog into the front seat of my car and drive him to the vet - where $188 later - we were good to go. Great - I still had time to get to the station to take care of the citation and provide the shot record.

Oops...let me rewind - I failed to mention that as I finally got the dog into the front passenger's seat and closed the door, I tripped over my own two feet and the bring lined driveway and fell to the pebbled cement surface with if recorded, I am sure would have won an AFV award! Oh yeah, I went down in such a graceful manner, I must have put those Olympic skaters to shame. I could see my scores of "10" flash before my eyes as I lay on the pavement in pain, with the dog peering at me from the front seat, wondering "what the he**" - as I am sure he was concerned for me. As I lay on my back and took a quick inventory of pain - I rolled to my side and again with such grace (I'm sure) got to my feet and into my car. I realized that I had my cell phone in my pocket - so I could have called someone if I had needed to. Great foresight, huh?

Still the pit's owner had not called to confirm we were going - her boyfriend was having emergency surgery. I decided to call ahead to see what the fee would be - maybe I'd just pay it and get reimbursed - but after hearing the grand total of $117 for a "dog at large" charge - I thought, no, she can handle making that payment. She did not return my call or text, and though I hope her boyfriend is ok, her dog is still in my garage - barking and yelping - while as time passes, I realize all the areas that I must have struck at some point in my fall - both palms, my left ankle, knee and thigh, left elbow and even my shoulder is a little tender. Can you say BC powder?!?! Oh, and my head hurts too ~ but no so much from the sinus infection anymore ~ a new and different kind of pain.

We are lucky enough to have a tree near the driveway that sheds little spikey balls - so surely one of those will show up eventually - as they didn't provided much of a cushion for my fall. I am thankful I wasn't wearing flip-flops or slides, as my feet would have probably hurt worse - and attributed to a MUCH more graceful strike of the pavement. My fingers are hurting now as I type - but what to name this entry????? "I'll Tumble For You"? "Bringing Down the House"? "I Keep Fallin'"? "I Get Knocked Down"? Oh I could probably name a few more - but I think the BC is calling again - has it been 6 hours already?

Gee, could I pack anything else into a sick day!?!? I have got to learn a better technique - and include a bounce of some type - or at least a SPRING - since today was a beautiful Spring day - for anyone who wasn't me!

Friday, March 5, 2010

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just think about it....

With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. In that regard, we aren't heavy ~ we are enormously cultured, educated and happy!

With that in mind, when I look at my behind in the mirror I will think, "Good grief, look how smart I have become!"