Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving is a memory-making, picture-taking, plate-cleaning, hug-getting kind of Day!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Fall...

Rack up another fall for me! While taking the dog out to do his business last night, the dog ran amok and across the street. I walked calmly down the sidewalk with the light of the porch behind me, barely managing to see where the dog went, whistling and calling his name. As soon as I got across the street - in the dark, now - the dog of course darted back across the street to the dark area of the front yard. I turned and crossed the street, disgusted, and muttering his name...when I went to step up on the curb and into the yard, I misjudged the distance and fell to the ground kicking off my left house shoe in the process, landing on both palms and knees first, then close enough to smell the grass (weeds). Oh, didn't I mention I was in my pajamas? Yep, in my pink and blue 'fairy cakes' pjs and pink comfy flip-flop house shoes...there I was in the yard and on the curb, my bum in the air and then on the grass. I was so thankful that the neighbors who usually sit and smoke and cuss and discuss the day's events had already gone in for the evening, except for one who was walking around the corner, away from the house, thank goodness. So I get my bearings - or so I think - and attempt to get up - but stumble like a drunk at first. And where is the dog?? He is barking and sitting in front of the door - not coming over to inspect what happened - nope, just sitting and barking, seeming quite perturbed that I am not there to open the door. It was as if he said, "Hey! My master has fallen and can't get up! Somebody bring over a crane!" So, a free puppy he is no more...its leashed visits to the yard from now on! And me? No visual scrapes or bruises yet...but I feel like I could use a nice massage. And on subsequent trips out with the dog? I'll probably still wear my pajamas...with the darkness of night to hide my embarrassment.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where is Emily Post when you need her???

I went to vote early Tuesday morning and was about number thirty or so in line outside the church where it was pleasantly cool for the wait. I heard someone walk up behind me then answer his cell phone - no big deal - he was giving his daughter or wife the directions to the church. Next he popped open a can of soda, providing the back of my sweater with a light spray. Then he took a big old slurp of the soda - sounding like he was sucking it off the top of the can - followed by a muffled "aahh". I took a step forward. Then, again, another slurp/aahh. I thought 'what is wrong with this guy?...is he some punk kid who doesn't know any better? Surely he will stop when he realizes the noise can be so easily heard.' I took a step forward and looked back over my shoulder - no punk kid - but a mature (though rude) man stood there. He stepped up behind me - seriously - I think he was trying to get as close as possible to share the grossness that was his.

People were not 'packed' together in line...we all had a reasonable amount of space between us...except for slurpy-man and me. I tried moving to one side, then ahead...and he followed. I was actually hoping he'd get another call to stop the slurp. No such luck. One of the poll workers stepped outside the door and tried to address the crowd but I could not quite hear her - imagine that! The lady ahead of me said she just wanted to be sure that everyone double checked to see if they were at the correct place - and I was so hoping slurpy-man was NOT and would soon leave to infest another polling place. Again, no such luck...more slurp/aahh action followed. As the line advanced into the church, down the hall, around the corner and towards a set of double doors, I tried to distance myself from slurpy-man, but he quickly came along. Down the hallway from the voting area people stood generally two-across, as I suppose some folks brought their friends or spouses or neighbors....again, all with a reasonable amount of space between and around them. I saw what might be a possibility for escape, as they divided the line into smaller lines - alphabetically. "Please!" I thought to myself, "Let his last name begin with H-N or O-Z...then he will have to leave the spot directly behind me!"

A few more steps - a few more slurp/aahhs - and NO! Say it ain't so!! His last name is in the first part of the alphabet as is mine!! Now a loud toddler has taken the opportunity to have a fit and somewhat quell the slurp/aahhs - never did I think I would welcome that sound - but yes, it was a relief for a minute. Show my card, sign the book, step to the left. Wait....wait...slurp/aahh. Then I get my 'code' and wait for an empty booth. Soon I would bid slurpy-man a fond farewell. Yes! Two booths open up and the lady ahead of me and I head down the aisle to our little canopy. Although not quite totally 'private'...its a welcome ambiance compared to what I have endured in the last 30 minutes. I manage to cast my vote in record time...just as slurpy-man finds his way to his booth - depositing his empty can along the way. (At least he was not a litter bug!)

All that to say - HEY! I voted! - its great to live in America!