Friday, December 28, 2007

The Last Fiction 55 Friday for 2007!!

Perched precariously, seemingly on the head of a pin, she waited for her date for what seemed like a year. Squinting, attempting a better view above the crowd, she thought that midnight may not have been the best time of night to meet. She teetered, spun slightly and descended hastily at his callTHE Dick Clark!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fiction 55 Friday!!

The radio blared Christmas songs for hours as she drove across Texas for a family holiday. She thought she heard a commercial: “This holiday is brought to you by Mom’s Cheese Ball and Aaron’s Egg Nog-Nog. Enjoy your Christmas with melded cheese on a cracker, plus that little extra nog you get from only Aaron.”

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dreams and Nightmares

I had a weird dream last night: K, A, and I were part owners in a combination cafe/retail store. We were getting complaints that there were not enough chairs, and ended up securing some wire basket chairs of some sort, but the people kept griping and not letting the wait staff through. They did not tip well either. At one point I was asked to go pick up a lunch from an 18th street fast food place for a customer (a guy from church) and while there, I found a cell phone and a stick-shift car that I could use. I dropped the phone after trying to call back to the store and tell them I was on the way, and could not retrieve it. I don't know where the car came in, but the stick shift was very 'shifty'. After I returned, my hair looked horrid (as it does now) and A suggested she curl it for me. She did, in stiff ringlets , and they stood up on my head, but with a part down the middle. I had to shake it loose, then just pulled it up and achieved a rather 'wild' look. I had to process a return for a customer - who had no receipt - and after explaining that this was my first day - my smile convinced him that I knew what I was doing, especially since I told him I had 25 years of retail experience. I ended up having to go to the customer service desk for his refund, where a tall older woman with a bouffant hairdo tried to tell me how to process it with different codes in the register. Don't know how, but I got it done.

The nightmare came along in the same way it always does - there is a baby that I was supposed to be caring for, and I have let it go without eating - and am frantic to find it. I actually got out of bed, pulled off my c-pap mask somehow - and ended up in the closet - that is when I woke up that is where I determined I was. My c-pap machine was turned completely around on the table, so I must have given it a good jerk. My bed was such a mess, with pillows and covers everywhere except where they were supposed to be.

Needless to say, I didn't not sleep too well...and started the day with a big yawn!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seems like forever since I have posted. Karen's Mom was buried Saturday and the service was so nice. Pastor's message fit her to a "T". I spent most of the day with the family then headed home about 4:30, then on to Lindsey's for the appetizer portion of the progressive dinner. Lindsey & Joe did a good job, and Ryan helped out too. Sunday was busy as well..and the SS kids were wired for sound. They are anxious about Christmas and one was sure to tell me that he believes in Santa AND Jesus! Went to Mom & Dad's to have dinner with Mark - and of course - ate too much. Work is slow for the most part...and only 4 more days till we're out for the holidays!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fiction 55 Friday!!

She took no shortcuts when it came to building her house. Trained in all areas of construction, including roofing and carpentry, she completed the build with no sub-contractors. Her caulking skills were amazing, as was her landscaping. Her proudest moment turned to tears as her husband snapped off the chimney in a gingerbread feeding frenzy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Karen's mom passed away about 3:15 AM Wednesday. She called at 5:15, just as my alarm went off. I went to take La's kids to school, then headed over there. They are hanging in there but of course, very upset. They are such a loving family. I wrote up the obituary for them and sat and talked a while, then went to pick up Lindsey to finish up some shopping and get wrapping. She is a great help. Good thing I took off for the day. It was messy-rainy-cold all day, but that encouraged me to stay inside and get busy. I made broccoli salad for the office 'munchie' day today...along with cathedral cookies. I got some gifts wrapped and some laundry done, and even managed to squeeze in a nap.

Mrs. Shelton's funeral will be Saturday morning at 10, and the choir is going to sing, as is her granddaughter, Heather. Should be very nice. K asked me and Alison to be at church for the family lunch afterwards, so we will be glad to do so.

Mrs. Shelton raised such a nice family. They are so loving and caring, and I can see where she had a hand in most of that.

Monday, December 10, 2007

What a weekend...starting with a work 'retreat' on Friday at the golf club....but in JH speak, retreat = work off site = no fun/no 'retreat'/no rest whatsoever!!

Friday night...Cantata @ 7:30. Went fairly well except the director brought us in too early on one song. I did not stay to visit too much. Karen and Lauren watched from the balcony...and K said Alison and I 'made her proud' with our "Go Tell It" motion!

Saturday...headache all day long...managed to do some laundry and lay on the couch. Cantata at 6:00...went ok, this time a CD skipped around and we had to restart one song. Mom & Dad enjoyed it, though Ryan told them it started at 7, so they only saw 30 minutes. Saw Nate and his sister in the back...then got an email from Connie that she and Randy were there, but I didn't see them.

Karen's mom is getting worse. It could be any day now. Sunday was busy too, with Karen singing "Jesus Loves Me" for her great niece's baptism (during which I cried like a baby), then I taught SS so K could go home and get ready for the lunch, then spend time with her family. More singing at the youth home Sunday afternoon...and for a while, I thought I would be the only alto...thank goodness another our numbers were few...but the kids enjoyed it. It sure turned cold here...and about time! Now if it will quit misting rain...and the gray sky would clear up a little....gee, not too much to ask is it???

The boys are in Disney world, visiting Mickey for a few days. Hope they are having fun.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fiction 55 Friday - A day late..

Her head reeling, she felt faint. The lights swirled around her head as if she was dancing and spinning so fast that only her partner was in focus. She closed her eyes for a moment, blinking hard, but the lights began to pulsate. She yelled to her parents: “Please stop the car! No more Christmas lights!”

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Gee, its Tuesday...and a beautiful why am I stuck inside at work when there is sooooo much to do at home?!?!!? Isn't that the way it always seems to work??

Monday, December 3, 2007


Not much to say...Monday has come around again, following a busy weekend...cookie exchange in Clifton Saturday, cantata practice that evening; church and Sunday School - sang in both services with the kids, then back to Clifton Sunday evening for cantata performance. The kids put up the tree on Sunday, now I just have to decorate it. They even set the nativity out...and dusted the furniture. Managed to see Ryan for a few minutes after I got home Sunday night. Today...I added a little tree and nick-knacks to my office.