Friday, October 19, 2007

Its Time for 55 Fiction Friday...and a Seussical Moment!!

The minutes seem like hours until I see you again. Laughing, joking and cutting up are simply ‘just you’. I can’t help but wonder what will be next. Dinner for two? A cocktail party? Snuggling down in front of the TV to watch some football? I’ll consider them all - but only with you, Rachel Ray.

And for my wordi-friend on the right...a tribute to HER poetry:

It seems that, my friend of blog- wordi-girl fame
You could be poet laureate – just one in the same
As that Seus-icall guy - as a tot you adored
By your rhyme and wording, I now am quite floored.
I love to write poetry – it’s just so relaxing
Especially after a day that’s been taxing
To take all your thoughts and give them a spin
And see the results give to someone a grin.
Keep up the rhyming with any words that you please
Putting forth that Seuss effort with a snicker or sneeze!
Get Grinched-Up and think of the Cat-In-The-Hat
Ah, the simple times – what could be better than that!!

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