Friday, August 1, 2008


National Blog Post Month - Theme: HOT

Here in Texas its HOT most any time of year. You can't count on the seasons to be 'true to form'...but if you don't like the weather...just will change with the wind. We're staring at triple-digit temperatures in our forecast for the next week, which means in a car with no windshield shade, your car can probably cook at least an egg - on the car seat! I know that HOT is the THEME for this month, but its NOT all about the weather, so future subjects will center on alternate topics around the theme.

A few parting thoughts:
  1. We reserve the right to slap anyone who asks "Is it hot enough for ya?".
  2. What exactly is the purpose of an 'extreme heat' watch as published by our local TV weathermen???
  3. Why bother to put any percent of a chance of rain until you see the clouds directly overhead and the thunder booming? Seriously - a 20% chance of rain? Actually the clouds directly above could only be a result of a grass-fire caused by instantaneous combustion!
  4. We would gladly welcome random tests of super-duper anti-perspirants anywhere in our vicinity ~ for men or women.
  5. Take a chance and try to drink IN as much water as you sweat OUT. (I really don't want to actually measure that output, though!)

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