Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Son Stuff

You never stop worrying about your kids, do you? My son recently experienced a grease burn on the lower part of his leg while at work. It looked horrible – and felt horrible – you know, the kind of injury that you only see on someone else and it makes you cringe or makes you ache in your lower extremities – argh! He didn’t want me to treat it or wrap it or hardly look at it, but when he washed his car the next day, several blisters developed and oh! It looked even worse. When he showered he used a toothpick – yes a toothpick – to pop the blisters! NOT what his Mom taught him!! I insisted on having him spray the area with Dermoplast at least – to relieve the pain – and help it from getting infected. He did not want me to wrap it before he went back to work, but I told him that he couldn’t work with that burn exposed to the elements at the pizzeria!! I did my best Girl Scout/Mom first aid and used a non-adhesive bandage, taping it down with paper tape. He howled because it was so white against his tan (yet burned) leg and made him look like a hospital patient. So we covered it with an ace bandage – more skin tone friendly! Off he went to work. When I checked on him the next morning he had removed it all which I guess is good to let it breathe. Still, though, he wanted no more first aid – and insisted on wearing long pants. Right – THAT won’t bother that burn! Yikes! Later he was convinced by friends to purchase some liquid bandage so his burn wouldn’t be exposed – how about that – he took advice from his friends but not his Mom – oh well – that’s how it goes.
Late last night when he got home he was frantically looking for a ‘key’ – asking me while I was fast asleep if I had seen it. No, and I wouldn’t know what it looked like – but maybe I did see it – and put it in the junk drawer with the other tool-type-stuff? Then he told me he had a flat tire and that he needed to find the ‘key’ to get the lug nuts off – but – he had no spare – and his friend’s spare wouldn’t fit either. He and his friend ended up staying in the work parking lot with the car, calling AAA for a tow to his friend’s house – where the car awaits a new tire today. Seems someone stabbed the tire in the sidewall – ruining the tire for a simple repair. Today we shared a ride to my work – he went to school – and plans to meet up with his friend to go for a new tire – and then get to work. He was frustrated – and exhausted after not getting home until 2:30 a.m. – but I hope he learned a bit of a lesson: Spare in Trunk Benefits Boy with Flat Tire at Closing.

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