Friday, November 12, 2010


Isn’t it the truth? So much to do – and so little time to do it! I usually have my Christmas cards addressed and ready to go – either by mail – or by mailboxes at church – BEFORE Thanksgiving! No, I am not an over-achiever – just someone who enjoys sending a special card for the holidays! But alas, not this year! No excuses – just don’t have it done!

I am getting some help and taking a clue from my friend Angel at the Weld House blog, I am shopping for some peace of mind, right along with this time for peace on earth!

Have you visited Shutterfly to shop their amazing selection of photo cards? Oh My! It is so hard to pick out just one, but my favorite is not really a card…it’s this! Perfect for a relatively new YaYa such as myself…plus anyone else who cannot let one day go by without seeing my sweet granddaughter’s grin!!

The party invitations are just as AH-dorable! A keepsake and an invite all at once! How could you go wrong?!?! AND if you are a blogger…get this...bloggers can get 50 (count ‘em) 50 FREE holiday cards from Shutterfly! Do you hear angels singing?!?!? Sign up:

Look out we come! Can't wait to check "CARDS" off my list!!

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