Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Breakfast Casserole - check!
Broccoli Salad - check!
Cheese Ball - check!
Salsa - check!

Just a few hours left to pack presents up for the Christmas Eve event...then off to church for the Children's program....and then to the Dutschmann home for family, food and be followed by a short sleep...then up for Christmas morning with the kids....and Kylie....then off to Mom & Dad's for the Mathews family Christmas Day...more food and fun...and perhaps a nap!! Here's wishing everyone in blog-dom a most merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

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Jenny said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Marcia!!! Missed you this Christmas Eve but we tucked in at home with my mom joining us this year and Lou. My mom knew she was invited to the Eve festivities it was just hard for her to join the jolly gang when she wasn't sure how she would be doing. She is fine, it is just harder over the holidays. Hope you stole a nap or two.