Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Texas Bound

We moved to Texas because of Dad's job with Precision. I remember traveling to Texas in our VW bus, windows rolled down, shop-rag curtains blowing in our faces. Of course we expected to see horses and cowboys! We came down Valley Mills Dr. or Waco Dr., and I remember seeing all the lightposts along the way - but no 'spinach cups'. We stayed at the SandMan Motel overnight - what a treat in the 'corner room' and a pool - then went to the house the next day.

Our house on Richland was only the third house on the street, with nothing but open fields beyond the right side of the house...alot of weeds and limstone and "horny toads" and mud that we kids found to play with. The street now ends where the Lake Air Drive Inn used to be and Richland Mall currently is. There was no yard at the house, initially, and the house had 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, den, living room and kitchen, plus 2-car garage. I remember the black and white speckled linoleum in the den and kitchen, with a big round table in the 'breakfast nook' off the kitchen - squeezed in at meals, there was no nook...just elbow to elbow eaters! Dad made some coffee tables that were modern looking - painted black - and some diamond-shaped wood pieces, painted in orange, teal, white and black (if I remember correctly). I think his chair at the time was a blue (teal) vinyl arm chair Billy & Mark shared a room, as did Beth and I, with Laura (the baby at the time) in a room to herself. Lucky!!

We played outside alot..and I remember it being so HOT! Once we met neighbors from around other streets, (Becky, John-John, Jerry, Martha, Linda, Jill, Joeseph, Melissa, etc.) there seemed to be a constant knock at our front door. Mom put a yellow smiley face in the window of the front door if the kids were available to play, and a frowny face if not - so as not to disturb naps (her own, I imagine!). You'd better not ring the bell or knock if the frowny face was out!

I remember the 'front room' was off limits to us kids most of the time, as it was for 'company'. It had a fuzzy beige carpet and heavy drapes, along with a couch that came from Grandma's and Grandpa's house...which by the way, I proudly have at my house, though its been recovered several times. The front room, though, was where the Christmas was!

When we got to Texas I went to 3rd grade at Parkdale Elementary, with Mrs. Little for my teacher. Beth was in 2nd and Mark was probably pre-kindergarden and Laura in diapers. That would make Billy in the 5th grade and I think he had Mrs. Ruebeck. I only remember that because I had her eventually. 4th grade was Mrs. Wolf and Mrs. Hsieh, with Mrs. Aman (my favorite teacher) for 6th. Guess I have a knack for remembering elementary school teachers.

We walked to school....all the the cold, in the heat, through the muddy fields near the Junior high school. Though not 'uphill, both ways', it was a trek!! We lived too close to ride the bus, but I will admit walking home was more fun with friends - like LeeAnn and Diane - and also fighting with the boys - Dwight, Stan and Ray - along with our sisters and brothers!!

Memories from Parkdale elementary school:
*1st 'boyfriend' Cliff in 3rd grade - when he rolled a pencil across the desk w/I Love You on it
*The wonderful Christmas productions - including the Nutcracker Suite - where I painted a toy soldier and danced in a green costume as an Arabian dancer, with Mom's 'coin necklace' (costume by Mom, of course.) *Square dancing in several grades - with Herman swinging me as hard as he could! *The "Blue-bonnet Plague" when the 6th graders made tons of Texas Bluebonnets from tissue paper. *Duck and cover *Snow cones for a dime after school - grape was my favorite *Playing Red Rover *getting glasses in 5th grade *knee socks - falling down! *hot rolls and cold milk in the cafeteria *being in Brownies, then Girl Scouts - selling cookies door to door or outside the 7-11 store

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