Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where I come from.....

I am originally from North Little Rock, Arkansas, born to W.P. (Bill) and Thelma E. Mathews. My earliest memories are from living on L Street: birthday parties under the carport or in the yard, playing 'kick the can', running with the neighbor kids - Amanda and Doug, staying out 'til Mom called us in for supper, and going to The Old Mill park, where Mark swears he was beat up by our older brother Billy. I remember laundry - especially sheets - and probably cloth diapers - hanging on the line to dry in the sun. I remember having the German measles and Mom covering the windows with quilts. Then there was the 'mumps' at Christmas when I tried on Billy's football helmet - ouch! I remember Dad 'frog-giggin' and bringing in a gunny sack of frogs. Koolaid was served in those metal cups and rice krispie treats were super sticky. Sugar cubes were decorated (by Mom & Grandma) with little Santa faces, trees and packages - for the ladies to use at church when they played Bridge. I also remember going to Grandma and Grandpa's house up on the hill, helping Grandpa 'drive' the Corvair by pushing or pulling on the back of the front seat as he instructed. There was always Orange Crush or Coke in the 'pop house', and trips to the local drug store for candy cigarettes. Family was always around - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. Riding in the car, laying in the seat, looking up for 'spinach cups' as we went along. The WonderBread Man and 'snowball' - for Billy's birthday I think. While this account may be a bit 'rambly' in style, and sport some inaccuracies, it is all remembered with love.

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