Saturday, April 21, 2007

After Graduation

After graduation, Kathy & I decided to go to MCC (McLennan Community College). We did not attend summer classes, but started in August that same year. I planned to take basic classes and eventually transfer to BU with a degree in journalism. Classes at MCC were different, including my English class where my professor took off points for my note cards being 'too neat'. I was crushed to make a C on my first paper there. The campus was beautiful and I made some good friends. I excelled in Speech class when my instructor asked to use one of my papers in her syllabus for the next year. My paper was a recap of an interview with a co-worker at my then "new"part time job at Sears, which was located on 18th Street and Waco Drive. I enjoyed British Lit with Mrs. West, who was said to be one of the tougher teachers. I also liked Religion class where I sat next to a boy I met after talking on the CB. His name was Don Patterson, otherwise known as 'DLL'. I wrote for the school paper, the Highlander, and occasionally had a 'by line'. I remember taking "modern dance" class with instructor Sandy Hinton, and LeeAnn being in class, both of us dressed out in blue leotards and tights. We even did a routine together to Henry Mancini's 'Pink Panther'. Kathy went right to studying to get into the Xray program where she did really well. I continued at MCC for two years, asked to join Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society, but think I got a little burned out on school in general. When offered to go full time at Sears, I jumped at the chance and put school on hold.

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