Sunday, April 29, 2007

Third Job

I must say that interviewing at BU was a little intimidating...though I thought I would be fine, after all, I did all the initial interviews at Sears and helped make hiring decisions!! Wrong~ my mouth was dry and I had sweaty palms. Actually I knew one of the people who interviewed me - Vel - who used to work at Sears. Seems like I say that quite a bit since I knew so many folks from there. Mom had already worked at BU for several years and encouraged me to apply. I did apply for a few different positions in person, before they got their online applications. Then I would check their website every week for a long time, until our computer went down. When we finally got it back, the BU site was the first one I pulled up and the job I was hired into was the one I saw. Yes, this was my third job ever...fewer than most folks have on their resume. Being hired on when I was in 2002, I am eligible for the kids to have paid tuition. The benefit changed after I had been there about 6 months, but I got in just under the wire for which I was very, very thankful. I also got used to working Monday-Friday - quickly!! Lots of nice folks work at Baylor, and I am proud that two good friends came to work at BU....Kyle (who still works at Sears) at the museum and Delores as HR Liasion in the Library! I am still trying to get Karen hired on! My lack of a degree may hinder me from 'moving up', but I can work as long as I need to, doing what I like to do, working in HR, though filing is not my favorite thing!! I was proud that after almost 2 years on the job, I was named one of eight "Outstanding Staff" award recipients. Mom earned this honor as well, about 5 years before I did. It was a suprise, and Mom, Dad, Jim and Laura were there to see it, but I thought they were there to see Mom get her 10-year pin. I received a nice certificate and a check for $1500. The nominations are annonymous, and our department assists with setting up the selection committee meetings and print certificates. One of the best benefits at Baylor is the people and the Christian atmosphere. Prayer is encouraged at staff meetings and folks are supportive. I went through a lot of stuff with Jim during my first 3 years there, including divorce, but everyone there was always ready to listen and help anyway they could. More about that in another post. My 'office mate' Debbie is a dear friend who has had her share of illness...having survived cancer twice....once while working with us and going thru chemo, not hardly missing any time at all. She continues to be an inspiration to all who know her, and thats a whole lot of people!! Working in 'academia' is a whole new world. Most folks are super nice, but there are some who feel their degree allows them to treat others as less-than-citizens. It was hard not to take it personally, but I have found that treating them with care and concern ususally brings them to 'my level'.

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