Monday, May 28, 2007

Good times, too.

There were lots of good times in our marriage and I'll try to note a few of them - not in any particular order of importance:

Trips Jim won on the radio to Vegas and South Padre.

Once he mowed the back yard and spelled out "I LOVE U" in unmowed grass.

He surprised me with a trip to the Tartan Thistle in McKinney and a trip to San Antonio - all the while he had me believing it was a business trip for new employees.

He would lead the family devotions.

We laughed. We loved. Our wonderful kids are just that....wonderful! My pregnancies were wonderful as were the deliveries. ( I got that from Mom - thank goodness!!)

We spent lots of happy times with the extended family - including "Kelm" reunions where we just sat and talked with our own immediate family!

Jim loved to buy gifts - for anyone and everyone - just to see their reaction - not expecting anything in return.

Jim was never a husband that wanted to 'be waited on', but he appreciated it when I brought him something to drink when he was mowing.

Something strange - he never really like to call me by my name - said there was something strange about calling me "Marcia" - and when he wanted my attention - it was "DEE-YER". That was funny. I usually called him "Honey". Once after surgery he did call me "Baby".

Other good times would have to include: when he fixed up Lindsey's room at the rent house; when we bought our house; when we bought our cars; when we went on trips - and I was thankful he could change a tire.

Jim liked to tease - just about everybody - but especially Stephanie and me.

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