Saturday, June 2, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things.....

These are a few of the things I enjoy, again in no particular order, and also, probably some things I haven't done in a while - but might like doing again soon!!:

Laughing - and laughing some more! Laughing til my stomach hurts or I cry....

Writing poetry - from serious to fun - haiku, iambic pentameter and more. I work best 'under pressure' to get one done for a special occasion. Rewriting songs is fun - for choir parties, anniversaries or birthdays

Decorating - that is 'bag' painting, sponge painting, rearranging and watching all the home improvement shows on TV such as Trading Spaces and Decorating Cents; I am good at spending other people's money on decorating, too...just ask Debbie or Laura; arts and crafts have been a favorite for a long time

Shopping - browsing in 'antique' or 'junk' stores; Kitchen stores - like Crate & Barrel stores are a favorite, as are other 'cooking' stores; resale stores are fun, too, plus the occasional garage sale.

Cooking - for my family or friends, trying a new recipe or an old 'stand by'; as the kids will attest, I don't "do" dumplings very well...but I try (or used to!!)

Games - with my 'game night group' or family. Word games like "balderdash" are a favorite, but so is chicken foot, password and scrabble; computer games are good, 'tumble bees' and solitaire; cards are not my favorite, but I like to play kings-in-the-corner...

Sunday School - teaching the little ones and sharing Bible stories. Art projects with them are always interesting. Hugs "in the hall" are priceless.

Musicals - TV, movies, high school or church - and singing along has to be an option!

Movies - at the cinema, snuggling up with someone special

People watching - wherever the opportunity presents itself, and imagining what the people are doing/saying or going is fun

Exploring - new places - or hearing someone describe a place they have visited and enjoyed in a way I can imagine myself there

Daydreaming - about a project, a person or place (this will often turn into a nap on a Sunday afternoon!!)

Planning - a party or special event, then seeing it through and watching people enjoy

Photography - either mine or someone else's work - putting them in albums and arranging with comments and quotations; memory books are lots of fun

Calligraphy - just my own style - but fun to do for others, such as wedding/party invitations or Christmas cards (I got interested when my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Aman, did some signs in her room in that style.)

Bookstores - browsing thru the stacks and stacks of books, pausing to read an excerpt or so; sitting in the comfy chairs; making special purchases for gifts

Watching Baylor Lady Bear basketball - I got hooked after starting to work at BU; though I've never been to a game, the TV version is not too bad at all

Foot Massage - I enjoy giving and receiving these!! Professional or not, always enjoyable. Pedicures are excellent and a must have for summer toes. Guess I'd have to say the same for back rubs - giving and receiving - lotion or not!

House Hunting - just for fun, seeing how new homes are built and enjoying old homes as well

Driving - on a trip or just to work - not always taking the same route - and enjoying the scenery along the way. Driving around town or in the country, looking at the stars and moon, especially on a cool evening.

Visiting - with friends or family, and lots and lots of laughter. Sharing stories, old and new, reminding ourselves of the way things used to be ...or can become

Ellipses - I enjoy....always....writing with ellipses! Something about those little dots....leaving something to the imagination or...? Business letters don't allow these nearly often enough, but emails- oh yeah!

Singing - goofy songs, goofy lyrics - "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" - and singing like no one is listening, though they might be and laughing right along with you. Teaching the kids old songs from girl scout camp - "Sipping Cider" and "Pink Pajamas" or "Ain't it Great to be Crazy" is lots of fun.

Old Movies - tear- jerkers or comedy - black and white - I love 'em all!! The holidays always bring some on TV...and they are great to add special feelings to the season.

Hugs and Kisses...and not the Hershey's kind....

Goosebumps....from the afore mentioned items...

Counting my blessings

Watching the rain...or snow...

Having a glass of wine or margarita...and relaxing

Walking hand-in-hand

Sharing a yummy a skillet brownie from El Chico



Wishes on falling stars

Phone calls...just because

Daisies...and sunflowers....

Keeping up with friends

Sending cards...or writing letters

Water gun fights with the kids

Drawing on the sidewalk

Crossword puzzles....not too hard!

Wrapping gifts in a special way...making up gift baskets

Sleeping least until 7!

Cooking Breakfast...omelets are a specialty! Breakfast for dinner-yummo!

Folding clothes...right out of the dryer...or ironing with just enough starch

A great haircut...

Watching a the fireplace...or outdoors...just staring into the flames, poking the wood around...don't arson here.

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