Sunday, August 12, 2007

More about Ryan...

Ryan is my baby boy...all 17 1/2 years of age. He was a sweet baby...and now a sweet young man. He has been through alot, but has come out a winner. When he was in day care, his teachers loved him - but I found out later that they called him 'alien baby' because his little ears stuck out!! How cruel for a mom to hear that. I knew better though, he was heaven-sent, not from another planet!!

Ryan's middle name - Taylor - also belonged to my paternal grandmother's relatives, and I understand they had something to do with making Taylor Whiskey back in the day. Ryan means "little king" and he was the ruler at our house in his younger days, and of course, likes to still think so today.

Ryan has been a source of comfort for me. I was not a popular mom when telling the kids that divorce was eminent - they were so angry and cried. I remember Ryan saying he wanted "to cuss" he was so mad. I said OK, then he shouted "s*!#". When he gets upset or excited, he has trouble getting the words out - not stuttering according to the speech therapist - but a 'flow' problem. He knows what he wants to say, but has difficulty letting it 'flow'. Usually when he's having a hard time I'll tell him to 'calm down' and think about what he wants to say, then he does better.

When Ryan was in kindergarten, I got a call from the school principal. I was working at Sears and just picked up the call when I was paged in the middle of the home fashions department. The principal explained that Ryan and his friend Cameron were in the office for having a 'cussing match'. He put Ryan on the phone and of course I asked - "what did you say?" He answered me with that little lisp - "thit". I about laughed until I cried. He and the principal became the best of friends.

Ryan and Lindsey are best friends. They played well together...most of the time. He looked up to her quite a bit - and still does. Lindsey - ever the little mother - enjoyed her role of big sissy to her 'bubba'.

Ryan likes to make people laugh - especially Lindsey and me. We put up with his act because we like to laugh. Ryan and his friends can be go goofy - but they are good kids. Their parents love Ryan as if he was one of their own - and from what I understand - he is just as goofy with them as he is at home. I have heard stories of how Jordan's mom makes sure Ryan takes off his shoes and socks OUTSIDE...because coming inside with those stinkers would be deathly. She also has a towel for him and encourages him to take a shower or at least wash his feet. Sometimes a kid can listen so much more to a different mom.

I always tried to come up with different costumes for Halloween...but the kids did not like it one year....Ryan went as a bag of jelly beans ( a dry cleaning bag, folded in half and stuffed with balloons ) and Lindsey went as a sunflower...with seeds drawn all over her face. They still talk about that. Several folks had to ask Ryan what he was and Lindsey looked like the saddest flower on the planet.

In middle school, Ryan had a music class where he played the guitar. I got to see him do it a couple of times, and he enjoyed it very much. He has also enjoyed the idea of playing golf, riding his bike, skateboarding and lifting weights. He is into cars and of course, his cell phone - and text messaging has cost him some money! High school brought the ROTC and he is one handsome cadet. He moved up through the ranks in the short time he was there, and looks especially nice in his dress blues. The short haircut looks very sharp - and much to the joy of his grandparents - he has to keep it trimmed.

Ryan started working part time at 16 and his boss says he's one of his best workers. I'd like to think that he got his work ethic from me, but I am sure his Dad had something to do with it. Ryan likes to spend his money...and enjoys buying things for other people. Although his hat collection has grown, he has made some sensible purchases of school clothes and 'what not'. I have found I cannot take him shopping or make any suggestions as to what he should wear...but iIndsey and Joe have no trouble with that.

I just bought a car from Ryan's friend Shelton - a 98 Honda Accord. Ryan is so excited - and now really wants to get his driver license. He was saving me money by holding off getting his license - and I appreciate it. I bought it now because I thought it would be good for Ryan and something to work for. He wants to pay for his car and his insurance - though his eyes got big when I showed him the amount due for insurance - he thought it was for a month when it was really for 6 - but - thats the amount without him as a driver! Yipes!

Although he doesn't have a girlfriend at the time - I think - he has had one previously and Lindsey bugged the stuff out of him. So, maybe he really does have a girlfriend and won't say so. I am in no rush for that to happen - but hope when it does - he'll ask me for advice and bring her to the house. He probably won't, but I can hope.

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