Sunday, August 12, 2007

Going around...

Dad's recovery is coming along - Uncle Skeet is here to help take care of him - and Mom is back at work - a 'vacation' of sorts - ha ha. While home alone, Dad took a fall last week in the bathroom...had to crawl into the bedroom to use the dresser and bed to help him get up. His back is bothering him now, but he's doing OK.

Work has been....frustrating. Can't seem to grasp the complete picture of my role just yet...seems to jump from one thing to another....trying to keep up. My memory is evidently not what it used to be. I am taking lots of notes...and trying to remember what I did with them!! Seems like the only 'way' is her way - and I guess that's because she's had to do things, retrain folks and re-train so many times, that's the only way she knows. I sometimes get the hang of things - or so I think - then a 'gray' moment puts everything back at zero. I am used to being my own person on the job and leading more so than following, so it will take some time to get used to. I get frustrated when I can't make something happen immediately and completely correct. Then again, there are some 'anal' people who want to re-do, re-work, re-word and completely make my ideas their own. Editing their work comes fairly easy - and it usually does read more clearly - although $1,000 words are a part of acadamia. I am meeting some nice folks and learning the ropes. After another 6 months or so, I hope to feel alot more comfortable.

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