Thursday, March 5, 2009

Plum Paint Predicament

I finally decided on the color of purple I want to paint the dresser/tv cabinet that has been sitting in the extra bedroom for a loooonnnng time: Baroque Plum. Such a pretty purple and it only took two times for the WalMart employee to mix it correctly. Just a quart of Baroque Plum should do the job - and R plans to paint next week during his Spring Break. I also picked up a roller and paint tray while I was there so there would be no excuses for not getting this project completed next week.

Once I got home, I grabbed all my WalMart sacks from the trunk, and plopped them in the front seat so I could retrieve my house key. I opened the door, turned back to the car and noticed Baroque Plum on the side of my car!!! Yikes!! The paint can was not sealed entirely and I must have splashed it when I moved the bags. Almost hyperventilating, I carefully looked through the bags for the paint...found it...only to find it was in the car seat, on the seat belt and the side door!

Thank goodness the WalMart plastic sack held a pool of paint as I lifted it out...dripping paint across the patio. I took the remaining sacks into the house and put them in the sink to avoid any excess spillage. Unfortunately, I did not notice the paint I tracked into the house on the carpet...little puddles of Baroque Plum from the back door and through the living room.

I got a bucket of soapy water and washed off the side of the car, took a swipe at the car seat and seat belt, then decided I'd better call WalMart. After holding for a manager, speaking to "Boyd" and then getting handed off to "Bill", I explained my plight. Purple paint on a maroon car - not so good - and even worse when tracked in on the carpet. His main concern seemed to be when I made the purchase - the time frame - and whether or not the employee used a hammer to close the paint. I reported the time from my receipt and even told him that I mentioned to the cashier to be careful, the paint sample smeared on top of the can was still wait. She appreciated the warning. I told Bill "yes, the young man used a rubber mallet to close the paint can - but evidently not quite good enough". At least the paint was latex and would probably come out with soap and water - but still - what a mess!! He apologized that it happened and took my name and number so he could call back after seeing what would be best to get the paint out.

I changed clothes after noticing I had paint on my jeans and tops of my tennis shoes - and of course the 81 degree weather did nothing to help me keep my 'cool'. I was sweating like a pig and continued to wash off the car. Bill called back to report he had found some "latex blaster" that according to the directions, should get the paint out of fabric. When no offer for help came from him, I asked if perhaps someone could bring me some of the 'blaster' - since I live such a short distance from the store. He took down the directions and in about 30 minutes, an assistant manager named Jana appeared at the front door. She asked to see the paint, so I took her through the house and out to the back patio where she proceeded to step in the paint - but hey - it was kind of difficult to avoid. When I pointed out that she was stepping in the paint - she said "that's OK, these are old shoes" and I thought well, you're not walking back through my house with that! The look on my face must have said it all as she said, "I'll just walk around the house to my car".

Jana told me to give the blaster a try and then call them to let them know how it worked, and to bring my receipt and come for more paint. It was 8pm and I was really in no mood to clean up the paint. I sprayed some blaster in the trunk and attacked it with a rag - some of it came up. Thank goodness R's backpack was spared from purple drops. I refilled the bucket and attempted to wash the paint further down the patio or just dilute it more. I moved the paint-filled bag (and wiped down the can) to another spot with a clean bag, and threw the puddled paint into the trash can. Pretty, pretty trash can! Royal blue on the outside - Baroque Plum on the inside!!

R could not come home to help as work was too busy. I cleaned up the outside of the car as best I could and washed off my shoes - then put my jeans in to wash. Then I was DONE! I was too tired to do anything else. I took some PM pain reliever and went to bed.

This morning, the paint looks more pink than plum - especially on the car seat - but at least it is dry to the touch. R will give it the once over today at school - at least the outside of the car - and then try more blaster later. I don't know when I'll venture back for more plum paint - but think I'll see if it comes out of the carpet first - just in case I need to ask Bill or Jana for the use of a steam cleaner.

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