Sunday, July 5, 2009

Delivery - Part One

Wow, what a whirlwind the past few days have been! I went to the hospital to meet Lindsey & Joe at 6AM on Wednesday, July 1st. She was in a 'triage' room, prepped and ready to go into the surgery suite for her epidural and the c-section. She was nervous, as was Joe, who donned his scrubs in preparation for his entry into the room on the nurse's cue. Lindsey allowed one picture before she went in. Her Dad, my Dad and our Pastor also came, then out to the lobby/waiting room we went. Lindsey's uncle John and cousin Jenna, along with Grammy came too. Before too long, Joe appeared, beaming. Kylie Jo was born at 7:47 a.m. and weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces - less than Dr. Wang predicted! What can I say - she's perfect!! She has a little hair - dark on the back and light on the top, and of course, has her Daddy wrapped around that little finger already. We went back to the nursery to take a peek of the precious little girl who will call me YaYa.

Lindsey had to go from a recovery room back to a labor/delivery room because the other rooms were full, and Kylie stayed in the nursery. Lindsey only caught a glimpse of Kylie's little cheek when Joe held her briefly. Anxiously waiting to see the baby, family arrived in the L/D room to chat. Still no Kylie in the room. After the nurse's explanations that the other rooms were full and that the doctor was coming at noon to see Kylie, Lindsey got some pain medication and tried to relax. Joe and I were joined by little cousins at the nursery window, then Dr. John came in and examined Kylie.

Kylie was breathing rapidly, which I understand is common in c-section babies as they transition from the womb to the world. Dr. John was further concerned that her lungs could be 'wet' and even though Lindsey tested negative for any infections on the previous Monday, he thought it best to rule out any possibility and send her to the NICU. It was a scary thought, although we all knew this was what was best for Kylie. Joe kept a stiff upper lip and I headed back to Lindsey's room to be there when Dr. John arrived. He beat me there and Joe soon followed. He explained everything very well, but of course it was overwhelming to Lindsey. There was little consolation as she had not yet really seen, let alone held, her baby.

We began to focus on the neonatologist arriving and visiting, to be followed up by Lindsey and Joe going to the NICU to see Kylie. Hours went by, visitors came and went, and construction began on what seemed to be in an area directly beneath the room! The jack hammers and drills caused loud noises, certainly not fit for a young Mom trying to rest/recover. The nurse could not believe that Lindsey had to be in that room. She called to see if there was a room available yet. While most everyone else had left or gone to grab a bite to eat, I stayed with Lindsey and Joe. The next thing we knew, the neonatologist came in and explained basically the same thing Dr. John had said. He was very cordial and assured Lindsey that this happens to 'a lot of newborns' and this was 'precautionary' more than anything. Next thing we knew, she was on her way to a room, thank goodness.

The room had a great view of the fountain, green grass, trees and a walkway. The temperature was well over 100 degrees out there, and the a/c was so nice. Lindsey was still dealing with some pain and the nurses were attentive, but still, no word from the NICU on when they could come up. The neonatologist said it would be a few hours to get Kylie set up on the IV and other monitors. The afternoon crept along and a few more visitors stopped by, well expecting to see Kylie. Initial text messages sent did not mention the NICU situation, although phone calls had explained those details later. Oh, the phone calls we made. I am sure my bill will reflect Kylie's birthday announcements!!

It was really great that Jenna could stay as long as she did at the hospital. She is so positive and outgoing, keeping everyone in stitches most of the time. She is Lindsey's 'girl cousin' on her Dad's side and they are great friends.

Lindsey & Joe got word that they could go up to see Kylie, but probably not hold her just yet. So while they were elated, Lindsey and Joe were both a little distraught. If Kylie's rapid breathing continued, she could end up having to stay another 7+ days! Joe took Lindsey up in a wheelchair to the NICU later that night and finally got to see Kylie. I knew that would raise her spirits and of course, it did. We are so blessed to have a new hospital with a NICU right upstairs and some great doctors. More phone calls were made with updates, and this YaYa did not know how tired she was when her head hit the pillow at home @ 11 p.m. What a day! I am glad I only live a few minutes from the hospital.


Mama Bear said...

Congratulations YaYa! How wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your family! I am glad that Kylie has arrived safely, and hope that she is doing well and able to come home soon.