Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time seems to fly...

YaYa's girl is a year old & she had her big birthday party today! Whew! YaYa is exhausted! :-) I wouldn't have it any other way! Lots of family and friends got to join in the fun at the church Family Center. Lindsey did a great job with the cupcake stacks and snacks, plus games for kids young and old to play - including "great" grandma!!

Kylie had her first bite of cake and got the hang of it pretty quickly! At first she just squeezed the icing through her fingers, but once it hit her tongue, it was gone! She didn't get all that messy, but Mommy swooped in and took her into the kitchen and hosed her down with the vegetable sprayer! I think she also managed to down a few bites of rice and beans from Jennifer, plus a dum-dum lollipop with her Daddy, and maybe sneaked in some ice cream and KoolAid. I hope her little system can handle it!

She received so many wonderful gifts - and no duplicates, either! I have been told that some of the toys are coming to my house to live - the noisy ones especially! Kylie was dressed in a sweet little parfait-colored sun dress to start - barefoot of course - but before the cake fest, she donned a pink onsie with a cupcake and candle - and spent at least two seconds, maybe three, in her pink marabou-trimmed party hat. She received plenty of clothes - and a pair of shoes to knock around in. Wonder if she'll keep them on her toes?

Kylie was so pleasant during the entire party - happily being passed from one person to another - and no breakdowns at all. She was really into her 'cell phone' and 'ipod'....she is so into buttons!!

I'll have to get some photos to share soon. What fun it is to be a YaYa!! Love you sweet girl!! XXOO

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Guinness74 said...

It does seem to fly doesn't it? Congratulations on that one "grandma", she's a cutie.