Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday Fun - (you may want to read Thursday's post first!)

Lindsey came to the house and off we went to the appointment - to be there at 7:30 AM - no earlier. I went to the window to 'register' and provide duplicate information of what was given 2-weeks ago to the gal at the other window, then asked to have a seat, that they would call me back soon. The waiting room was freezing cold! An hour later, I am called back - and nurse Jill escorts me past a curtained hallway - lots of 'recovery' areas I assume - most of which are empty. Now, on with the 'prep' "a la Jill".

Basic questions, she wrote answers, as I sat on the edge of the 'bed' - a gurney really with a thin mattress. One particular question led to another pre-op test: a pregnancy test - I kid you not - heck she wasn't kidding me either! Good news! I was NOT pregnant and the procedure could continue.

I was given the ultra-fashionable 'gown' that opens in the back - ooh la la! A front pocket and everything! I was told to take everything off, but could keep on my bra if I wanted - hah! Fooled her - I didn't even wear one! Glad I brought some socks and thanks to a nice warmed blanket, I could sit back and wait for my IV.

Jill connected the IV - even numbed the back of my hand - and told me it would just a be about 15 minutes. Patients - who I assumed just finished their procedure - were wheeled past me to their curtained area. Jill dimmed the lights in my area and apologized for the wait. Every once in a while I heard a radio station - my 'usual' morning show - but it never lasted too long. Another patient was brought to the curtained area next to mine - so I got to hear the same type of questions - including one "where do you work?" I was surprised to hear that my curtain buddy also worked at my place, although we probably wouldn't share stories.

Another 15 minutes and a promise of a short wait - and off I went to the operating room - ah - that's where the music was coming from! They had it quite cranked up! I met my doctor for about 5 seconds and answered a couple of questions, then came the lady who would help me take a nap. She asked that I put on my c-pap - which was a little comical considering all the other various and sundry wires to which I was connected - and I managed to get my hand stuck in the contraption on top of my head.

She assured me that they did this (the c-pap) all the time - and then - she fixed my pillow just perfectly!! Relaxation set in when she had me take a couple of deep breaths - and I was OUT!

I woke up quite alert - which I didn't think would happen given my normal reaction to medication that could even possibly make me sleepy. I was rolled back to a different 'recovery curtained area' and told that it was my job to "bear down and release the air that inflated the colon during the procedure". I was told it would be "music to their ears" - if you can imagine that. I had no problem following her direction and the next thing I knew, I was sitting up and drinking some grape juice.

No light-headedness, no sleepiness, grogginess or anything else that resembled a drunken stupor. I actually felt pretty good. No pain, no headache, I was joking with the nurse (not Jill) and Lindsey came back. Little did she know she would be in on the 'consult' with Dr. A - and get to see my pretty (?) pictures and a brief explanation of the lower extremities that is my colon! Lucky girl!

She promised not to post my pics on facebook or otherwise share them - then signed the release papers so she could take me home about 11 am. She pulled up outside the door and the CNA helped me to the car, although I did not feel dizzy or goofy at all. We even stopped for Mexican food (brunch-o?) on the way home. I was SO hungry and it tasted SO good!

I stretched out on the couch (my normal MO) and Lindsey took the chair. I thought I would just drift off to a comfortable sleep - but much to my surprise - I was wide awake! I got up and insisted that Lindsey take the couch - where she promptly took a nap. I made a couple of calls and let folks know I was "done" - then played on the computer. No laundry or other house work is allowed, ya know!

Dad stopped by to see how I was doing - and had to look at my pictures where he proclaimed that I was "clean" - heck, I should be!! The procedure included removing a couple of polyps, but rather routine I was told.

After he left, Lindsey and I sat around some more - she made sure I was ok to be by myself - reminding me not to bend over without support - and then she headed home. I watched some TV, checked the mail, then took a nice nap.

So, all in all, my fears for future procedures were quelled. I was well taken care of at the facility and of course by Lindsey. The prep from Thursday was definitely worse than the procedure on Friday - but not bad at all. I'll do it all again in three years!

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