Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thursday prep for Friday Fun....

I heard about it...but never actually been formally introduced. I have listened to stories from those who survived and advice on the 'best practices' insure an easy 'go'. Dreaded it, somewhat, but the prep would be worse that the procedure....or so I was told.

My last visit to the doctor resulted in a referral to a local office of gastric inspection - for my first ever colonoscopy. Gee, I am not that far beyond 50...but, recommendations are recommendations. Given a family history of gastric pathway roadblocks and such, I knew it was just a matter of time.

Armed with my list of 'special stuff', off I went to WalMart. The consulting nurse was kind enough to point out her recommended flavor of Gatorade with which to make my very own colon-cleansing solution with Miralax - lemon-lime! Of course you can't have the 'good' color drink or jello: Red or purple. Why make it tasty? It's just going to run right through!!

The day prior to the procedure, I took off at 1pm to start my prep. 2pm: 4 times the usual amount of itty-bitty pills to start...followed by a large glass of water. 4 times the usual amount = a quick turn around! I make quick trip to the bathroom before taking a little nap - and low and behold - no running water! Nada! Zilch! Zip! No water = no flushy! I called the water department and am told there is a leak 'in the area' and 'no, they cannot estimate when it will be repaired'. Ok, a little panic, but hey, I had time before I had to start the solution intake...scheduled to start @ 5PM. So, not too worried at this point, I took a nap.

I woke up at 4:45 with a little rumbling in the tummy - and headed for the second bathroom, still no water. Rats! (or something like that) - Now what! I had to stay on schedule - so off to the fridge for my perfectly pitchered portion, which I poured into a pretty stemmed glass - and drank it down - similar to someone on a drunken binge: chug a lug! Recommended to drink quickly - ya think? I mean who wouldn't want to linger over a glass of lemon-lime flavored liquid, thickened ever so slightly? The first taste wasn't so bad - 1 8-oz glass down, many more to follow - in 15 minute increments. Now the question was how much more ..... could be added ... in the toilet bowl?!?!?

I quick check told me all I needed to know....I had water again! Yes! Flushing commenced and the pipes chimed in with some loud gurgles. Whew! I survived that hurdle!

After a full day of 'clear liquids' - with the exception of my cafe Vienna which isn't exactly clear - but coffee was on the 'can have' list - I craved something more substantive. That craving quickly subsided with each beep of my kitchen alarm, followed by repeated trips to the bathroom.

I stayed up a little later, anticipating 'sleeping in' until at least 6:30 - having to report @ 7:30 on Friday.

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