Sunday, June 24, 2007

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Lindsey was the first grand-daughter born on her Dad's side of the family, and second on mine. She was blessed to have four Godparents: Stephanie, Michael, Beth and Carrol. She charmed her Aunts & Uncles, Great Aunts & Uncles, Grandparents and cousins from day one. Aunt Millie thought she was pretty special and loved to have her visit in Irving.

As a baby she liked most any food she tried...including creamed spinach and squash. Poor baby didn't have much hair until she was a year old...and then she grew it long and usually had a ponytail.

She loved playing with her 'babies', including a 'cabbage patch kid' that her great aunt Mary Wanda made for her. She would put them down for a nap and cover them up with cloth diapers in a circle all around her in her room. Music kept her happy, as did singing those little nursery songs and Sunday school favorites.

Lindsey loved school...and playing school when she wasn't at school. Writing and drawing and reading all the time. Lindsey's teachers loved her as she was always a good student...from daycare through high school...I think she got some of that from me! Can't saw that brother Ryan appreciated that fact, though.

First 'injury' was when she fell and hit her head on a drawer pull in the kitchen on Watt Street. Shook Mom and Dad up for sure...and even left a little scar. Her first word - "ball", followed closely by "no" no surprise! It seems Lindsey's fate to continue to be 'accident prone' she has suffered with broken bones multiple times. Once, while running cross country...and I insisted it was only shin splints. Talk about putting a guilt trip on Mom. Anyway, she continues to have a least one small 'accident' a day...whether running into a wall or tripping over her own feet.

Lindsey has always been a sweet girl - even when the teenage years came around. Her heart was broken at least once (that I know of) - but she seemed to rally even then. She has always been a little shy but only until you get to know her. She can be a real cut-up, especially with her 'brudder'. They both keep me laughing.

I am a proud Mom...and now Mom-in-Law. Lindsey will always be my 'Baby Girl'. XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOO

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