Monday, July 30, 2007

Dad's Surgery

Dad had double knee replacement surgery last week in Ft. Worth. Mom & Beth took him up and stayed with him for the week, and brought him back to Hillcrest for rehab. They are the main caregivers, thats for sure. Dad got a little huffy on a few occasions and upset Beth, but they were glad to be there, despite the hotel and small bed!! Ryan & I went to see Dad yesterday and he was in pain - following a 3-hour PT session on Saturday - who wouldn't be sore??? Dad was eating lunch and got Ryan to laughing about the yellow jello. Normally the schedule is 4 45-minute sessions a day, with a short break in between, but since the PTs are not there but half a day on Saturdays and none on Sundays, they double up and put them thru the ringer!! Mark was in town to give a few pointers and has arranged furniture and stuff at the house to help Dad navigate better, including raising the level of his recliner. Dad was not impressed with the PT at the hospital and tried to have Mark work with him as much as possible. Mom went back to work today.

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