Sunday, September 9, 2007

Are you ready for

Its time for football...and time to proudly cheer for your favorite team!! Whether on TV or at the game, fans are everywhere. Of course, everyone loves a winning team....but die-hard fans will be there for their team, regardless!! So, is there a REASON I am blogging in GREEN today???? Hmmmm.....Could Be!!

In attempt to blog on my lunch hour last week, I discovered that blogs are now blocked. Thats no fun...cause lots of ideas seem to come at lunch lately!! Oh well, guess it will have to be 'home style' for now.

Don't know why, but my sleep has been restless lately, even with the mask in place. Seem to wake up about 1 or 2, and have a difficult time getting back to sleep...until the alarm rings at least! Isn't that the way it always is? The best sleep ever is always in between snooze alarms.

Visited one of my favorite blogs - now listed on the right - and played a "55 Friday" game. Lots of fun for people who love words. You'll have to see if you can find my 'short story' with only 55 words, but with characters, conflict and resolution. Too fun. Leave me a comment if you read the story!!

The other blog listed on the right is one for a sweet little boy named Paul, who lost his battle with cancer about a month ago. His parents and friends have updated the blog with inspirational words, thoughts and prayer, so if you get a chance, take a look. Cancer never sleeps.

Speaking of cancer, our "Relay for Life" event is just around the corner, and as always, sounds like a whole lot of fun to raise money for finding a cure. The 'theme' for the event is "dancing" for a our team is "Cancer-A-Go-Go". Go-go boots and all the stuff that goes with them! Maybe wigs...leather skirts...and dancin' 'the pony'. Whoo-hoo! Stay tuned for more!

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