Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Why can't people be honest? Why am I gullible to believe that they will be?

I had just dropped my son off at work and took the 'back way' home to avoid 'traffic' on the main thouroughfare...when I rounded a corner and spotted an SUV stopped in the road - not on the curb, not at the stop sign...but about 3 car lengths ahead in front of me. I stopped and the next thing I know he is backing up. I start honking and honking my horn, he keeps coming. When I realize he is NOT going to stop, I turn my wheels hard to the left, trying to avoid him hitting me square across the front of the car.

His back left bumper hits my front right corner, grazing the hood and breaking the headlight, smashing the hood and bumper. He immediately gets out of his car and says "Its my fault! Its my fault! That was my dog over there (pointing to the lawn on the right). Here is my insurance card - you go ahead and file". I asked if what he gave me was the only card he had and he said, "Nah, I have plenty more". I gave him a card w/my name and number and off we went, no police report, no witnesses.

I immediately called my insurance when I got home, and they took the report and instructed me to call HIS insurance, which I did. The next day I get a call from his insurance wanting my statement.
At the end, the agent said "we have conflicting stories". Seems he didn't admit to saying it was his fault, didn't mention the dog, and said I kept approaching him when he was backing. All lies.
They say they will accept 70% liability, and I will be responsible for 30%. I said, excuse me? It was his fault - and repeated what he had said. Of course, now its all his word against mine. The agent says he discussed it with a manager, and thats all they would do.

Now I have to file on my insurance and be responsible for the deductible. After the car is fixed my insurance company will seek 100% reimbursement from him and his company as they will have a vested interest.

The guy who came to give an estimate for repairs said it totals about $3,000. I am still waiting to get my fax of the report that he said he would send today. THEN the check should be in the mail. In the meantime, I have a nice view of the trees on the right side of the street when I drive in the evening!!

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