Friday, October 17, 2008


My wallet was stolen yesterday...from my office...while I was down the hall for about 10 minutes. If my son had not come in to ask for a check, I would not have known it was gone until hours later. As it worked out, I gave a police report and while doing so, I contacted our purchasing card administrator and reported it to her, and she immediately pulled up that someone attempted to use my card at the hotel across the street - just minutes prior. The police dispatched two officers over and I don't know what information they obtained, but then they made a traffic stop, possibly after quizzing the hotel staff about someone presenting my card and them attempting to run it three different times - only to be declined - because our purchasing card is restricted from purchasing hotel rooms! The driver did not quite match the description provided, so they let him go. Get this - I ate lunch in my office yesterday from one until two, then opened my door and stepped across our inner-office hallway to the break room to wash dishes. When I came out of the break room, there was a man standing in the center of the hall, writing something down, I said 'excuse me' so I could pass and go to the restroom down the hall. I noticed he was black, wearing a baby-blue shirt and jeans, but nothing else. So, it appears I actually bumped into the guy who could have taken my wallet. Our office was sparsely staffed, with only one person at the reception area, and no one in the reception office of our adjoining office - which is where we think he entered....made his way to my office and took my wallet...then headed back the same one seeing him. I called and cancelled all my cards and looks like nothing has been charged; my debit card and checks have not been used at this point either...and all he got was about $3 in change, plus a couple of gift cards - no other cash, thank goodness. It could have been alot worse - but it still sucks.

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Anonymous said...

This seems to be a trend. There have been 2 thefts at the school where I work over the past couple of weeks...wallets, instruments, equipment, etc.

I guess the economy has gotten that bad. Or people are just mean. At least they didn't get much...sorry to hear about the theft.