Friday, October 31, 2008


I'll admit I am a little bit of a word-geek. I love to play word games and am most recently addicted to "Lexulous" - the new version of "Scrabulous" - played online. Today I received my highest score thus far - a whopping 92 points for the word 'befuddle'. I only play the solitaire version, thus I don't have to pit myself against more professional players, but I try to beat myself by scoring at least a total of 500 points - and try to make 600. Yep, its geeky!

Speaking of words...when you here someone mis-prounounce a word - do you correct them or just laugh...either to yourself or outloud?? I remember a time when my Mom was modeling an outfit for a hospital auxiliary show...and the emcee said she was the "epitomy of elegance"...but pronounced it is "EP-i-TOME". Too funny! (well, at least to me!)

I have difficulty pronouncing (and spelling) the word ' entrepreneurship'. I have practiced and practiced....but freeze up when I actually have to say it or should I say - attempt to say it. I try to put an 'm' in there somewhere.

I had a boss who ALWAYS pronounced the word 'public' as "PLUB-LICK "- and another boss who would say "STROLL" down to the bottom of the screen...instead of 'scroll'.

My brother used to say "STOY STORE" for 'toy store'...and of course there are favorites from my kids such a "MAGICH" for 'magic'....and "NOAST and ROODLES" for 'roast and noodles' (or was that MY misteak??) "SU-SKETTIE" is, I believe, international!!

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