Monday, December 15, 2008

Cantata 2008

This weekend was our home church performance of the 2008 Cantata "Why Christmas". After having practiced since July, I think the audience and our choir (kwar) director was pleased. Prior to this performance, we had already done so in Shreveport on Thanksgiving weekend, then "down under" in the caves at Burnet, (pictured above) not to mention still practicing in between.
Then after the home performance, we traveled to Clifton to sing once more at the Lutheran church there. Whew! What a few busy weekends we've had!
This weekend we head to San Antonio for what our group has dubbed the Saturday San Antonio Solstice Singing Celebration on the Riverboats. Its a wonderful time with the river walk decorated in lights and most folks in the Christmas Spirit of it all. One of our church members - who's daughter sings in the choir - rents two boats so that we all have an opportunity to sing - and the boat drivers love it almost as much as the folks walking or eating dinner along the way. We wear 'flashy' jewelry and fun hats and shirts, then go out to eat with our group after singing. We won't have much of a voice left by that time. Its a perfect way to round out the season.

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Jenny said...

Oh, Marcia! have tons! of fun. Y'all were so good. We got another jolt of Christmas spirit indeed.