Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Catch Up

I took off the Monday after San Antonio - and so glad that I did. LK came over and we made the traditional goodies to take to our parties on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: Spinach Dip; Tortilla Roll-Ups; Broccoli Salad; and cheese balls to pass out to my nephews. Rested up I returned to work for one day - nothing much to do but a little work - and went home a half hour early. Wednesday was Christmas Eve - so I finished wrapping a few little gifts and prepared to get to church early for the Children's Program. Even though I don't have any children in the program (yet) - I always go to watch my Sunday School kids & previous year's Sunday School kids. They really did a good job, especially my great nieces and nephews. They all sang and some had speaking parts which they did with great ease. And of course, all of them, a fashion plate!!

After a little chat with the kids, off to my former MIL's home and all the family. What a crowd! After eating, drinking, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and listening to Matt's CD, the kids opened gifts first. Chaos!! Most were very sweet and gave hugs all around. The adults opened gifts next, which the kids so nicely distributed. L & J received a few little "baby" things and I got a script "family" and "grand kids" wall hanging on which to attach photos. Too too late we headed home about midnight.

I was up the next morning as L & J planned to be there between 8:30 & 9, so I preheated the oven and got the breakfast casseroles ready to go in. Just as L & J arrived, the casserole was ready - complete with J's request of tater-tots on top. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. After we opened gifts, we had a little time to rest before heading to Mom & Dad's. The kids gave me the traditional fluffy house shoes, my ME calendar, candles and B&B stuff. We surprised R with his car air intake. He was pretty excited.

We got to Mom & Dad's about 11 where everyone arrived slowly, ate a little, and settled in to have the kids open gifts first. My sister's boyfriend's two girls came along, making for a quite noisy time - but that was to be expected. Mom's tree and presents were beautiful, as usual, and Mom passed out bags for the girls to collect her famous bows in, including rules of the game: no stealing; keep your and your family's bows only. L & J had to hurry off to J's Mom's house, so they didn't make it back for dinner @ 5 - turkey with all the trimmings. A nap would have been nice in between, but that didn't happen. R & I left after dinner clean-up, and I stayed on the couch for an evening of Christmas movies, then bed.

I think this was the first time that all the kids and families were at Mom & Dad's in a while - so that makes 6 kids, 4 spouses, 1 boyfriend & 2 kids, and 10 grand kids.

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