Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random thoughts...

Everyone seems happy to... sing Christmas Carols; dress in festive clothes; bring good wishes to all they meet; shop for the perfect gift; attend church; keep secrets until Christmas morning; decorate the tree, the house and even the car!

Do cranky people seem less cranky this time of year? Or is it that we just choose to ignore the cranky part and look for the good?

Its easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of the "To Do" list. It seems to get longer every day.

And what about the "Christmas Music"? Sometimes its a little much, especially when blaring from every radio and store speaker system! An occasional drive to and from in silence is actually quite nice.

Cold sunny days are my favorite. Bundling up and putting on the sun glasses...even adding a scarf and riding without the heater turned on in the car. Sipping hot chocolate or hot tea or coffee...yum.

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