Monday, April 26, 2010

Staycation 101

You too can master the art of Staycation with one easy lesson, just by following these steps - not necessarily in this order:
  • Call your friends and sing the "I'm on VA-CA-TION" song...loudly
  • Sleep "IN" - even if just until 7 a.m.
  • Stay in your PJs at least one full day. Although this may hinder you from running errands, it may enable you to catch up on much needed sleep (napping) and relaxation (reading, watching TV, etc.)
  • Cook as little as possible - and remind your child (who likes to eat, too) that he can pick up dinner on his way home from school
  • Plan to devote one full day to cleaning house
  • Ignore the item above
  • Catch up on organization of your 'paper trail' - recycle/shred/etc - and remain comfortable at every opportunity with a cup of coffee or diet coke
  • Shop on-line and consult with your daughter for some virtual gift card/actual gift card switcharoo to benefit the both of you...SCORE!
  • Take full advantage of caring for your oh-so-sweet grand child
  • Pamper yourself with a lengthy shower - but then under no circumstances do your makeup or hair
  • Schedule a haircut/color appointment - and chat with your stylist to your heart's content, no need to rush
  • Wander around the grocery store or WalMart as slowly as you'd like - check out the clearance racks and shelves and scope out 'projects'
  • Visit the home improvement store and pick up some caulk for your bathtub and wall patching materials. Leave these supplies in the sack on the counter when you get home
  • Enjoy dinner out on Tuesday with friends and don't worry about what time you get home
  • Relish the day time tv shows you would otherwise miss - since you don't own a DVR
  • Read your favorite blogs for more DIY project ideas - and pass them along to your daughter
  • Think about calling the contractor your friend recommended to replace your screen door - and remember it when that huge hail/windstorm moves through on Thursday around midnight
  • Remind your son to mow the yard - feel free to call, text or just yell as necessary
  • Praise your son when he completes it - and remind him next week it will happen all over again
  • Clean out your refrigerator/freezer - by eating most everything there is or offering it to your child when he forgets to bring home dinner or at least ask to do so INSTEAD of him bringing home dinner
  • Stay up late and watch Frazier re-runs - and have the chance to greet your son when he gets home from work - reminding him to get some rest
  • Take advantage of daily exercise: walk back and forth to the mailbox or pick up that box just delivered by UPS to your front door (remember to use your legs!)
  • Naps are essential to any staycation success story and no planning is needed, though leaving your computer on to tie up your phone may be wise
  • Play "lexulous" at every opportunity - and brag when you score over 300 on a single word ("frenzied" worked for me!)

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Jenny said...

a Staycation sounds fabulous, if i wasn't constantly at home. I am a hermit by nature...hmm a social hermit thougth. if that was your time off it sounds perfect though. Wished I had known and I would have loaned you some of my fave DVD's ...go ahead, just name a Rom-Com, I am sure I have it.