Friday, April 30, 2010


A 'WIND ADVISORY'?? I've heard of severe thunderstorm warning, burn ban, even tornado watch...but a wind advisory? What could the purpose of that be?? A wind advisory to:
  • warn people NOT to wear full or 'flippy' skirts or billowing gowns..
  • OR warn (some) people to be on the look-out for the same?
  • warn people that no amount of hair spray is going to help their 'do'
  • warn would be sail-boaters who can't already tell by the way the lake is white-capping that today may not be best for their regatta
  • warn campers who may want to start a camp fire that they'd better bring a whole bunch of matches
  • warn those among us lucky enough to be considered 'light weight' to put rocks in their pockets as they head out the door
  • warn those in the mood to fly a kite that said kite might turn into more of a scarf or simply break away altogether
  • warn those people working the drive-thru at Mickey D's that it's going to be extremely difficult to hear the customers place their orders due to "wind noise" (never mind that we can hardly understand THEM...ever!
  • warn people parking their car to be aware of the door-whip car doors tend to whip-open with the wind and surely ding those vehicles that are too close for comfort
  • warn people on cell phones outdoors that they may find people on the other end CAN'T HEAR...AT ALL....except for wind noise
  • warn people who use the drive-thru car wash that it won't be necessary to pay extra for the 'dry' option
  • warn people that WIND BURN is a real possibility today
  • warn people to watch for flying objects - including everything from cigarette butts to paper airplanes...they could be lethal!!

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Anonymous said...

HA! We have been having those more and more as of late - I can't remember the last time spring was this windy!