Monday, April 19, 2010


The group traveled to Dallas yesterday to see "XANADU" - you know, the disco-roller-skating-Olivia Newton-John-as-a-muse-who-falls-in-love-with-a-mortal story. Set in the 80's, complete with leg warmers and jeans rolled up (one leg only, please!), and the music of ONJ - such as "Have to Believe We Are Magic" and "Suddenly" - it was really amazing. The sets and costumes were spot on - with the lead using a self-imposed Australian accent - which was mentioned in the script. The sister-muses included two guys - and their dancing and other actions (such as roller skating) were wonderful - all while wearing the traditional Greek toga-like costumes. The musical was filled with puns - some more obvious than others - especially to those who actually saw the movie 30+ (?) years ago! The male lead - Sonny - had his moves and lingo down, portraying a California-surfer-artist-dude who's cut off jeans were the 'regulation' length of short-short! Whoo-hoo! Part of the audience sat on the stage - a much-coveted vantage point - and were in some respects, involved with the production - though no speaking parts were included. They did have to wave their glow-in-the-dark sticks during the finale roller-disco scene, complete with huge disco ball. What fun! As we were exiting the building, I heard a mom explaining to her kids: "Olivia Newton-John is Australian...and in the movie...". I bet some will go home and rent the movie and compare the two productions!

Next event on the cultural events calendar: WICKED!

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Jenny said...

Very fun. As a kid I loved Xanadu and the music. What group did you go with. And do share what you thought of Wicked.