Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's funny...looking at postings on Craigslist....and seeing things folks have posted as "antique"....a Barbie doll...a desk with a roll-out keyboard....etc. Even funnier are the attempts at spelling...under the 'furniture' section, I saw an "autumn" two different folks. Wondering what the heck an "autumn" was...I was an "ottoman". Guess it didn't occur to them to use "foot stool"! So funny. If I did a search by the name of the piece of furniture, I think I would lose out! There is also the frequent use of "Sale" for "Sell"..and vice-versa...such as 'must SALE now'.....or 'garage SELL today only'..... or 'willing to SALE and deliver'.

Isn't an antique something that is AT LEAST 100 years old? And isn't vintage a nice way of saying old? So...guess that makes me more vintage than antique...though some parts are up for discussion!

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I adore vintage! That is where you see quality and character. :)

Have a great day MarciaMarciaMarcia!