Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Mask of Sleep

I started using my c-pap mask on June 29th. I look like a snorkeler, but sleep much better. The first couple of nights were a little fretful, but I am sleeping better. The first day after the start, I was up at 5AM - on a Saturday - ready to go. Now, I had to ask myself, is this psychological, because I was told I would have more energy - or is is the real deal? I was reading two days of newspapers and working the crossword puzzles, went into the garage and started picking up/straightening up, doing laundry, etc., then I called my daughter at 7:15 with a cheerful "good morning" and she asked "whats wrong with you?".

I told her I felt great - but might crash later. We did some errands and I did get overheated, but did NOT take a nap!! This is exciting because sometimes I would take a 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap, then still go to bed on time.

One of the benefits of the mask is that the machine has a humidifier built in, but I only use it on the 'cool' setting...cause Texas is way to hot. The cooler months - I might use a warmer setting.

I have adjusted the mask to allow for sleeping on my side. I do not generally sleep on my back (unless a nap on the couch creeps in!!) :-)

I modeled the mask for the kids - and they had a good laugh, as did K and A. When I answer the phone - or try to - with the mask on - I can't really talk, so I'll have to pull it off. Its getting easier, but the maintenance on the machine can be a little tedious. Its all worth it, though, to get good sleep. My son does not hear me snoring and the instances of waking up have become quite limited.

Just the other day I said that my dreams were fewer...but really I think I am not remembering them as well because I sleep more deeply. There are SOME dreams I can recall in total, but again, perhaps not in much detail. I can still remember the people mostly...and those people generally know who they are!! :-)

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