Thursday, December 13, 2007

Karen's mom passed away about 3:15 AM Wednesday. She called at 5:15, just as my alarm went off. I went to take La's kids to school, then headed over there. They are hanging in there but of course, very upset. They are such a loving family. I wrote up the obituary for them and sat and talked a while, then went to pick up Lindsey to finish up some shopping and get wrapping. She is a great help. Good thing I took off for the day. It was messy-rainy-cold all day, but that encouraged me to stay inside and get busy. I made broccoli salad for the office 'munchie' day today...along with cathedral cookies. I got some gifts wrapped and some laundry done, and even managed to squeeze in a nap.

Mrs. Shelton's funeral will be Saturday morning at 10, and the choir is going to sing, as is her granddaughter, Heather. Should be very nice. K asked me and Alison to be at church for the family lunch afterwards, so we will be glad to do so.

Mrs. Shelton raised such a nice family. They are so loving and caring, and I can see where she had a hand in most of that.

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