Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dreams and Nightmares

I had a weird dream last night: K, A, and I were part owners in a combination cafe/retail store. We were getting complaints that there were not enough chairs, and ended up securing some wire basket chairs of some sort, but the people kept griping and not letting the wait staff through. They did not tip well either. At one point I was asked to go pick up a lunch from an 18th street fast food place for a customer (a guy from church) and while there, I found a cell phone and a stick-shift car that I could use. I dropped the phone after trying to call back to the store and tell them I was on the way, and could not retrieve it. I don't know where the car came in, but the stick shift was very 'shifty'. After I returned, my hair looked horrid (as it does now) and A suggested she curl it for me. She did, in stiff ringlets , and they stood up on my head, but with a part down the middle. I had to shake it loose, then just pulled it up and achieved a rather 'wild' look. I had to process a return for a customer - who had no receipt - and after explaining that this was my first day - my smile convinced him that I knew what I was doing, especially since I told him I had 25 years of retail experience. I ended up having to go to the customer service desk for his refund, where a tall older woman with a bouffant hairdo tried to tell me how to process it with different codes in the register. Don't know how, but I got it done.

The nightmare came along in the same way it always does - there is a baby that I was supposed to be caring for, and I have let it go without eating - and am frantic to find it. I actually got out of bed, pulled off my c-pap mask somehow - and ended up in the closet - that is when I woke up that is where I determined I was. My c-pap machine was turned completely around on the table, so I must have given it a good jerk. My bed was such a mess, with pillows and covers everywhere except where they were supposed to be.

Needless to say, I didn't not sleep too well...and started the day with a big yawn!

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