Friday, December 28, 2007

The Last Fiction 55 Friday for 2007!!

Perched precariously, seemingly on the head of a pin, she waited for her date for what seemed like a year. Squinting, attempting a better view above the crowd, she thought that midnight may not have been the best time of night to meet. She teetered, spun slightly and descended hastily at his callTHE Dick Clark!!

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Traci said...

I found your blog scrolling through the list of folks who had "teaching Sunday School" in their interests.

First: I loved the end to your Last Fiction 55 friday. Dick Clark! What a dream boat! I was cracking up.

Second: I love the Fiction 55 Friday idea. Very clever--as are your 55 words segments.

I want to read more of your blog, but wanted to give you a kudos first. : )

Traci (