Monday, December 10, 2007

What a weekend...starting with a work 'retreat' on Friday at the golf club....but in JH speak, retreat = work off site = no fun/no 'retreat'/no rest whatsoever!!

Friday night...Cantata @ 7:30. Went fairly well except the director brought us in too early on one song. I did not stay to visit too much. Karen and Lauren watched from the balcony...and K said Alison and I 'made her proud' with our "Go Tell It" motion!

Saturday...headache all day long...managed to do some laundry and lay on the couch. Cantata at 6:00...went ok, this time a CD skipped around and we had to restart one song. Mom & Dad enjoyed it, though Ryan told them it started at 7, so they only saw 30 minutes. Saw Nate and his sister in the back...then got an email from Connie that she and Randy were there, but I didn't see them.

Karen's mom is getting worse. It could be any day now. Sunday was busy too, with Karen singing "Jesus Loves Me" for her great niece's baptism (during which I cried like a baby), then I taught SS so K could go home and get ready for the lunch, then spend time with her family. More singing at the youth home Sunday afternoon...and for a while, I thought I would be the only alto...thank goodness another our numbers were few...but the kids enjoyed it. It sure turned cold here...and about time! Now if it will quit misting rain...and the gray sky would clear up a little....gee, not too much to ask is it???

The boys are in Disney world, visiting Mickey for a few days. Hope they are having fun.

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