Thursday, March 18, 2010

I often associate particular pieces of clothing to memories I have made while wearing about you? For example, my once favorite soft yellow pullover sweater with little embroidered flowers - always makes me think of spring. The green polo shirt that's so soft and comfy reminds me of a kiss. My favorite pair of jeans can remind me of many things - including the time I almost wet my pants from laughing so hard, or the time I took a tumble on the driveway. The striped sleeveless gauze shirt that tied in the front reminds me of being 16-17 and hanging out with my friends at the lake or in the parking lot on 'the valley'. And though not a piece of clothing, the much-loved blue blanket made by a dear neighbor for my daughter - always helps me feel better when I've got the 'yicks'. Guess there is something to 'the fabric of our lives'.

A few more "clothes" memories:

  • the peasant top & shorts I wore for junior high cheerleader try-outs
  • the flannel shirt that smelled like a campfire after a trip to Dad's dear lease
  • the baby-blue shirt, knit vest with tiny buttons, and jeans I wore on my first 'date'
  • the yellow t-shirt with a hot-dog transfer across the bust that always fit just right
  • the dark blue uniform top worn at my first job at the theatre concession stand
  • the royal blue snap-front PE outfit for junior high gym class, with white crew socks and tennis shoes
  • dotted-swiss dress with solid pinafore for Easter - made by Mom
  • knee-socks - graduating to panty hose

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