Friday, March 26, 2010

Best veggie pizza to my own...has got to be Schlotzky's Deli! If you don't have one of these delis in your area, I'm sorry for making your mouth water! The bread they use for the crust - heavenly!! The veggies are diced to perfection - and when you ask for any 'extra', they kindly oblige. Even ordering at the drive thru is worth the wait for pizza perfection!


Jenny said...

STOP! I am so hungry. David called that he was leaving early and picking up some grub for LUNCH...well it is almost 4pm, he is still in Waco (understandably got caught at work) and I am gnawing on a carrot waiting for the food and YOU TEMPT me with my all time Fave the signature line by the way and YEA! for Kylie's growing teefs.

Lindsey said...

Love the veggie pizza! You got me hooked. Love ya!