Sunday, July 15, 2007

Among other things...

The nightmare returned last week, but was more subtle than usual. I actually woke up as I was opening my bedroom door, looking for "baby" Lindsey. I have taken off my sleep mask a couple of times, thinking it was time to get up, only to find out that it was 2 or 3am - not near time for the alarm to ring. I was up at 5am on Saturday - again - much to Ryan's disappointment as I wandered into the living room where he was asleep on the couch. I ducked out between raindrops to retrieve the paper - nightgown & tennis shoes - and sat down at the table, encouraging Ryan to retreat to his room before I turned on the lights. He did and slept until about 10am. I managed to get bills paid and start laundry, then cook breakfast for him. We then watched the second of two movies we rented Friday night, "Little Miss Sunshine". Though it had funny parts, I would not recommend it as one to share with a 17-year old!! We both liked "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams much better. We enjoyed Amy's cooking that night at Mom & Dad's house, with Laura, too. Heading home Ryan could not do without ice cream, so I stopped at HEB, and he ran in for a tub of 'cookie dough' and picked up a gallon of milk. In the meantime I called Rick to chat for a minute, and asked if his ears were burning, as sisters do tend to talk!!

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