Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Wedding

The wedding was nice. We got there just before the grandmothers went down the aisle. Heather looked very pretty, and Johnnie recorded songs for the ceremony. He sings well! Flowers on the altar were dedicated to Heather's best friend Brooke and another friend that passed away following car accidents during the school year, and her Aunt Kathy. Really sweet. Pastor A conducted the ceremony so it always makes me tear up. The reception was at Elk with homemade bride's cake by Heather's mom Karen. The whole bridal party had a great time. Lindsey & Joe didn't dance - even the wedding march - so that was a little disappointing. I got to hear about Beth & Mike & Matt's trip to Boston, including watching the fireworks display at the famous footbridge above where the "Pops" played. Sounded awesome and lots of fun. Mike was there for a police academy of sorts, and Beth & Matt came up afterwards to tour the town.

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