Friday, July 20, 2007

I wonder...

...who might be reading this blog?? they find it the least bit interesting?? they appreciate question marks and elipses??...

...when I'll stop wondering about things and just be happy in the here and now??

Fun things from this week:

Birthday for Nate...dinner at Ninfa's, drive-in move in Gatesville (yes, there really is one still open!), lots of laughs as we sung his 'song' to the tune of 'On Top of Old Smokey', still more with the trivia game by Kyle...Nana was a hoot!! Alison's picture puzzle was adorable and KeKe's Kake was wonderfully delicious...but, out til 1AM is a little late for a 'work' night!! I was so concerned that the drive in would be HOT, but actually, there was a nice little breeze and I had my bug spray, so I was just fine. The movie - "Transformers" - OK, but wanted to see "Ratatouillie". Oh well, it was fun.

Wednesday after work - shopping with KeKe for a few minutes, then off to choir. Fun (?) learning a new song (really an old one) to sing on Sunday. Out to dinner...first stop...Cheddars where there would be an hour 1/2 thanks!! On to Friday's....lots of fun and laughs...and we say buh-bye to Heather as she leaves for college. The choir will miss her beautiful voice, but maybe we can hear her from there!!

Thursday game night with Lindsey & Joe, Joe's Mom and niece & nephew. Lots of fun playing "mad gab"....and winning a few times!! Nice to talk and enjoy each other's company, and let Lindsey be the 'hostess'.

Heather's wedding is Saturday at 4, followed by dinner & dance. Lindsey & Joe are going, so maybe I'll tag along. I wouldn't mind getting out of town for a short visit...just restless I guess. The sleep mask is a little better...and have had some fairly nice dreams. If I could only keep from taking it off during the night, thinking its time to get up.

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