Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another Day...

Another blog. Number three to be exact. Reading other blogs has shown me what talented writers there are out there in cyberspace. Really awe-inspiring, funny, and insightful to what goes on everyday. Do your friends and family know how talented you are or are you keeping it a secret? I guess if its on your blog its really hard to keep it a secret...unless you only use an alias. Seriously, though - thanks for what you do. I add sites to my favorites all the time and enjoy reading your posts. I can only aspire to be half the blogger you are.

Something about me that may be quirky...I sleep best in total night light, no glow from the alarm clock, no moonlight streaming through the window, no illuminated light switch on the wall. This can be difficult as I use a c-pap with annoying little buttons that shine bright blue in the dark. I know what you might be thinking...close your eyes! Of course I do, but there is just something about a light being 'on' in the room that keeps me from sleeping well. Then there is the total opposite...where on a Sunday afternoon I can be totally in REM stage sleep right there on the couch...with football or a movie on the TV...and snoring like a freight train. Golf on TV can induce sleep fairly quickly...without even trying. Have you ever experienced that type of sleep where you think you're asleep but can hear things going on around you and try to respond, only to find out later you really were asleep...and talking or mumbling incoherently to those that might venture to actually stay in the room with you? I hate that. Ok, enough about sleep, its 8AM on the time change weekend.....ready to "fall back"????

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