Friday, November 9, 2007

Post #9...and Fiction 55 Friday!! favorite time of year! When the weather turns least in the mornings...and the leaves start to change colors (at least a little bit here in Texas) and fall from the trees like confetti to celebrate the season. A walk on campus finds folks enjoying the weather...with fewer wearing the traditional flip flops...and sweatshirts becoming the norm. A drive through the park reminds me of high school days with friends...escaping at lunch and turning up the radio as we ride with the windows down, sun in our eyes and thoughts of a picnic along the river. I can't wait for the smells of a fire to waft my way...and maybe snuggle up with someone special.


A watched phone never rings. Just as she gets lost in cooking dinner, catching up on crossword puzzles and paying bills, her mind wanders as she hopes to hear from him again. She longs to tell him how she feels. At last, “Dr. John’s office calling with your test results…”.

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